Quickie Wheelchairs

Quickie Wheelchairs
Quickie Wheelchairs - Browse our collection of power wheelchair and manual wheelchair by Quickie. Find manual wheelchairs like IRIS manual wheelchair, GT manual wheelchair, M6 manual wheelchair, xtender manual wheelchair and power wheelchairs like QM-720, QM-715, Pulse 6, P-222 power wheelchair.

Quickie Wheelchairs

Quickie power wheelchairs

Quickie Power Wheelchair are designed with high powered for an independent life and are available with a host of drive bases, seating systems and expandable control systems. It is a unique combination of both performance and maneuverability. Quickie power wheelchairs permit's to live without limits.

  • Combines comfort and performance in an aesthetically pleasing, proven design.
  • Durable that offers a wide range of effective seating and electronics options.
  • Quickie life combines a quality, lightweight build with a stylish design.

Quickie manual wheelchairs

Quickie Manual Wheelchair incorporates high end design and innovative technology, the latest ultra-light, hydroformed aluminium technology which is cleverly designed to create the kind of minimalistic style which is expected from a rigid chair. Quickie manual wheelchairs are highly adjustable to suit the user with special needs.

  • Adjustments are quick and intuitive.
  • Lightweight wheelchair that is capable from city to trail with loads of off-road and lifestyle options.
  • Maximize both function and performance and to minimize effort for the rider.