R82 is one of the leading manufacturer of rehabilitation products for both children and adults assisting them to perform day to day activities thru providing a wide range of assistive products like R82 Bath Safety, R82 Car Seats, R82 Gait Trainers and much more at the online store of Medicaleshop.

R82 Bath Safety offers protection to pediatric with special needs that includes various features which provides the child the right support with mild to more severe levels of physical involvement. A variety of angle adjustments is possible to support reposition the seat and to accommodate the child’s specific support needs.

  • Independently adjustable back and lower leg supports that allow for horizontal or upright positioning.
  • Height adjustment capability serves to decrease caregiver back strain and promote proper body mechanics and overall safety.
  • R82 special needs bath safety are latex-free and made of anti-microbial materials that are heavy duty and easy-to-clean, also available in various sizes.
  • We offers wide range of R82 Bath safety products like - Manatee Bath Chair, Flamingo toilet bath chair, Swan shower commode chair, Orca bath tub and Penguin lying support for Orca bath tub.

R82 Car Seats are ideal car seat for children in need of extra support that provides an internal set of harnesses to secure the child in the seat. R82 car seats provide exceptional body support and promote a proper seating position. Each adaptive R82 car seat has been designed with the objective of providing a safe travel experience for children with special needs.

  • Offers postural supports which provide positioning assistance that is used at all times with the vehicle's seat belt.
  • Thick foam provides additional side-impact protection.
  • Provides various adjustments to make it the ideal seat for most children with special needs.
  • The seat surface allows for leg support with extra length and features thick foam and tapered sides for comfort.
  • We offer car seats form R82 like - Pilot car seat, Hippo car seat and Traveller Plus car seat.


R82 Gait Trainers are designed for children with severe neuromuscular or developmental disabilities which would require the child to be completely supported in the upright position. R82 gait trainer offer a multitude of positioning options and prompt to encourage mobility and enables the child to experience new freedom of movement as they strengthen their physical and intellectual development.

  • Provides positioning supports to facilitate a walking position while supporting the weight of the child.
  • Enables the child to experience new freedom of movement as they strengthen their physical and intellectual development.
  • Offers postural support, weight bearing support, and facilitation prompts.
  • Assist the child in a vertical and upright standing position to begin walking movements even though the child is unable to put full weight on his legs or balance while standing.
  • Includes pelvic harnesses, forearm prompts/pads, trunk supports, ankle prompts and additional pads and prompts for support.
  • We offer various R82 gait trainers like - Mustang gait trainer, Crocodile gait trainer, Gator gait trainer, Pony gait trainer and Bronco gait trainer.


R82 Seating & Mobility enhances the health, independence, and comfort of pediatrics & individual who require additional support with proper seating and positioning, R82 seating & mobility provide various option that increases the therapy opportunities for children with special needs to get extra help through special needs products.

  • Proper seating for children with special needs for participating in many activities such as mealtimes, classroom work, group activities, and playtime.
  • Can perform difficult or impossible task independently.
  • Provides functional comfort and allow peers to easily feed, clean or interact with the user at eye level.
  • Choose from a variety of R82 seating & mobility products like – Stingray stroller, Kudu manual wheelchair, Wombat high low chair, X:Panda seating system, Nandu activity seat and Tiger serval stroller.


R82 Standers offers exclusive design for standers which allow them to be positioned in the prone, supine, or fully upright standing positions, it permits for changes in positioning, extending the length and width as your child grows and develops new skills. Standing is an important milestone in a child's progress, R82 offers versatile standers which helps the child to perform independently.

  • Provides proper positioning through the therapy equipment for those that need assistance standing.
  • Offers several therapeutic and physiological benefits.
  • Promotes bone strength by having the user bear weight on their legs.
  • Different options that help meet various types of therapy and standing goals.
  • Choose wide version of R82 Standers like - Caribou standing frame, Buffalo stander, Gazelle PS stander, Rabbit stander and Toucan stander.