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Rifton Gait Trainer Arm Prompt Adjustability

Arm Prompt Clamp
Arm Prompt Post

1. The Arm Prompt clamp can be placed at any position along the gait trainer bar. The opening for the Arm Prompt post can be positioned on the inside or the outside of the bar, depending how the clamp is placed. The Arm Prompt post can then be placed into the clamp, in the specific position chosen. The button on the clamp allows for height adjustability.

Arm Prompt Knob

2. The Arm Prompt knob (located at the underside of the Arm Prompt) is loosened. The Arm Prompt slides into position on the post. The Arm Prompt is placed onto the post at the angle desired, upward or downward to accommodate contractures.

Arm Prompt Rotation
Arm Prompt Forward

3. While the Arm Prompt knob is loose, the amount of rotation is also adjustable, inward or outward. In addition, the Arm Prompt can slide forward or back to the appropriate position needed. Height adjustment with the button on the clamp can always be modified further for optimal position. Be sure to fully tighten the Arm Prompt Knob when desired position is obtained.


4. Finally, the hand grip position is also adjustable with the knob at the side of the Arm Prompt. This can be moved to adjust the hand grip distance and rotation.

Rifton Gait Trainers are made to accommodate many children's special needs.

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