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Rifton HTS

Rifton HTS (Hygiene Toileting System) – redefines toileting for people with disabilities. The Rifton HTS can be used on, over or off any existing ADA compliant toilets to adapt to any special needs situation.Superior tool-free adjustability and a broad range of supportive accessories provide a comfortable, effective hygiene experience. Hygienic, simple and adaptable to most toilets, the Rifton HTS encourages the forward positioning which is ideal and natural for effective toileting - make the lives of caregivers better too.


  • Ideal for any Child anywhere

The Rifton HTS can be easily placed on any model of toilet, standard or elongated, enables the user to use the same toilet as the rest of the family. Mounting bars make for easy, secure attachment and removal is just as easy, no tools required, by doubling as a mobile shower chair, the Rifton HTS eradicates the need to purchase separate equipment for each activity. Rifton HTS meets it with unmatched versatility.

  • Grows with the Child

The Rifton HTS’s is capable to accommodate children of every size, body type and special need. Many elements of the Rifton HTS are designed to fit a wide range of sizes, body types and special needs that allows room for growth over time or use by multiple children. The chair can be easily adjustable according to the user height, seat depth, width and backrest.

  • Easy Lifts and Transfer

The Rifton HTS makes lifts and transfers easier which is a major challenge to successful toileting with a multiple of features. The durable, weight bearing footboard supports step-pivot transfers from the front, while the footboard’s flip-up capacity. Rifton HTS enables an easy transition from sit-to-stand, the removable armrests makes the lateral transfer simpler as well.

  • Durable and Comfortable

Rifton has designed the components which give the child sense of safety, security and support. These include natural contours molded into the seat and back for added comfort, cushioned integral skin foam padding for the seat and back, gas-assisted tilt-in-space, soft material for straps and any other accessory that touches the skin. Durability is also a component which is built into the design, strong stainless steel hardware that makes up the frame, which is welded and powder-coated for added strength.

  • Hygienic and Simple to Clean

The Rifton HTS enables cleanliness and health for the child, the exceptional design of the seat pad opening permit clear access for cleaning and hygiene after toileting. Each element of Rifton HTS is easy to wash and disinfect the waterproof construction and simple disassembly making it stress-free. The antimicrobial material for the seat and back pads is inherently which promotes hygiene.