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RoMedic™ FlexiMove transfer sheet

RoMedic™ FlexiMove transfer sheet is designed to be used when there is very little need for actual lifting. Strong, smooth and comfortable handles make lifting operations easier.

Hygiene product - "no returns will be accepted, no exceptions"



RoMedic™ FlexiMove transfer sheet is ideal for moving the client/resident higher up in bed, turning and sideways transfers. FlexiMove transfer sheet is designed to be used when there is very little need for actual lifting. FlexiMove can be used in such situations where pulling is easier than lifting as the underside is smooth and slides very well in the bed. In situations where lifting cannot be avoided, FlexiMove can be used for both seated and supine transfers. In narrow spaces and where a mechanical lift cannot be used, FlexiMove is ideal for lifting. FlexiMove is easy to place under the user and therefore is suitable for lifting from the floor as it covers the major part of the user's body. The robust handles and the padded board makes the transfer safe and comfortable for both user and caregiver. FlexiMove patient handling sheet is available in three sizes with four or six handles, for users weighing up to 330 lbs.

Note : Remember never to lift more than is legally permitted and appropriate for the individual’s ability.


  • Strong, smooth and comfortable handles
  • The reverse side is smooth, which facilitates the transfer
  • The cover is made of liquid-repellent nylon and is very easy to clean
  • Light foam padding makes FlexiMove comfortable and gentle to lie on
  • Flexible plastic board makes FlexiMove stable but still easy to use in all positions

Application Areas

  • Supine transfer
  • Turning in bed
  • Higher up in bed
  • Up from the floor

Hygiene products will not be returned once used or opened.


Additional Info

SKU RM4011
Model 4011
Brands Handicare/RoMedic
Technical Specifications
RoMedic™ FlexiMove transfer sheet
Model 4011 4012 4016
Length 40" 44" 60"
Width 17" 21" 21"
Handles 4 4 6
Weight Limit 330 lbs. 330 lbs. 330 lbs.

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  • Options/accessories (Basket, umbrella, etc. Not being Service Part or Consumable Part.): 2 years
  • Service parts (Brake handles, height adjustment mechanism, wire stocking etc.): 1 year after invoice
  • Consumable parts (Brake block, brake wire, wheels, seat sling, basket and grip handles, bearings, etc.): 40 days after invoice
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  • Unfortunately hygiene items cannot be returned once opened, due to health concerns.
  • Standard manufacturer terms & conditions are applicable for return policy of this product.

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