SleepSafe - Low Bed

sleepsafe low bed, low beds

sleepsafe low bed, low beds

Safety Rail Height (Distance from the top of mattress to the top of the safety rail)
Fixed Foundation  
     with Box Spring (Choice of 2 Attachment Setting Positions) 9¾" or 11¾"
     with Bunkie Board (Choice of 2 Attachment Setting Positions) 15½" or 17½"
Articulated Foundation (2 Attachment Positions) 11½" or 14"
Hi-Lo Foundation HI Setting (2½" Above Rail) to LO Setting 13½"
Mattress Height (Distance from the top of mattress to the floor)
Fixed Foundation  
     with Box Spring (2 Attachment Positions) 24¼" or 26¼"
     with Bunkie Board (2 Attachment Positions) 18½" or 20½"
Articulated Foundation 22" or 24½"
Hi-Lo Foundation LO Setting 22½" to HI Setting 38½"
Floor to Rail Height (Distance from the top of rail to the floor) 36"
Overall Outside dimensions (width, length and height)
     Twin 42¼" W x 80½" L x 43" H
     Full 56" W x 80" L x 43" H
Mattress Size  
     Twin 37" W x 77" L
     Full 51" W x 77" L
Under Bed Floor Clearance 7¾"
Transfer Height (Distance from the top of the solid wood panel below the safety rail to the floor) 22"

sleepsafe medium bed safety rail height
sleepsafe medium bed floor to rail height
sleepsafe medium bed transfer height

Your Checklist for Choosing the Correct SleepSafe Bed

It's easy to choose the most appropriate SleepSafe bed for your needs - Just mark your choices below:
1. Safety Rail Height
Low Medium High
2. Foundation
Fixed with Box Spring Fixed with Bunkie Board Articulated Hi-Lo Manual
3. Bed Size
Twin Full
4. Finish
Oak Maple Cherry Mahagony
Solid color (Select one)
White Blue Green Red Yellow Orange Purple
5. Padding
No Padding Padding
6. Extras
Footboard Window Dual View Safety Rails (for High Bed ONLY) Headboard window IV Pole

All SleepSafe beds include the following items:

Bed Enclosure Foundation Premium Mattress Casters
Assembly Instructions Tools for assembly Standard shipping withing the continental US

Maximum Safety
SleepSafe beds are proven, ultra-safe solution for virtually eliminating entrapment and falls. SleepSafe Beds meet or exceed FDA guidelines on the 7 Zones of Entrapment.

Premium Memory Foam Mattress
Mason Medical 1100 Shear-care Pressure Reducing Mattress
This technically advanced mattress provides remarkable comfort and support. Covered in fluid-resistant, anti-microbial/anti-bacterial, fire-retardant stretch Nylon fabric, the mattress provides four unique comfort zones for support and pressure relief. The top level is all-virgin Memory-III Visco Elastic memory-foam that contours to the body.

Easy-access Safety Rails
Full-length wood safety rails are both hinged and removable for quick and easy accessibility. Rails swing down and up from the hinge and are securely fastened at the top position.

Attractive design
Beds are constructed with finish choices including oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, or a series of solid colors.

Adjustability Options
Fixed - The mattress rests on a fixed foundation, with either a box spring or bunkie board. The bunkie board allows more mattress to a rail height.

Manual (Special Order Only) Offers a fixed height with NON-ELECTRIC head and foot adjustment. Features head and foot adjustment by using manual cranks installed in the foot-board.

Articulated - The mattress rests on an electric frame that has both head and feet articulation, operated by remote control.

Hi-Lo - The mattress rests on an electric frame that offers mattress height adjustability as well as head and feet articulation. The surface of the mattress can be adjusted from 22 to 38 inches from the floor.

Easily Moved - Locking casters provide excellent mobility.

Windows for Visibility
Clear non-breakable windows provide visibility for both the occupant and caregiver when the need to see and be seen is important for safety and self-esteem.

No Room to Burrow
The SleepSafe precision-fit custom mattress fits tightly within the bed frame. Even with aggressive compression, it is virtually impossible to burrow deeply enough to create an entrapment issue or safety hazard.

All foundations are designed to support up to 350 lbs.