Special Needs Beds

Special Needs Beds are durable and comfortable beds for children with special needs, disabled, medically fragile and people who just need additional security during sleep and night time hours. These beds are ideal for children with cerebral palsy, autism, down’s syndrome, Angelman's syndrome and developmental disabilities.

Special Needs Beds-

SleepSafe Beds

  • Sleepsafe beds have two full length safety rails on one side and sleepsafe II beds have safety rail height.
  • Bed models comprises a foundation that supports the mattress, the space between the side rails, head and foot boards.
  • Mainly focuses on safety issues that prevent falls and entrapment for individuals and kids with physical and cognitive disabilities.
  • Encourages an inviting atmosphere for the users, an array of finishes and specialized options are available from fixed, articulated or hi-lo frames.

Beds by George

  • Display of handbuild by Amish craftsmen's hand cut, hand sand and hand finish.
  • The safety of beds is very simple, fast that comprises of dual door system, and adjustable head and foot have infinite stopping points.
  • Meet the CPSC and FDA standards for anti-entrapment and is designed to withstand significantly more force to the frame and doors.
  • The doors can be open and closed with ONE hand using only 12 pounds of force and it's durable frame and doors provides maximize care.

KayserBetten Beds

  • Kayserbetten beds come in two series -Hannah & Ida.
  • They serves as a playpen during the day and a sleeping place in the night.
  • Known for designing and manufacturing of specialty beds and offers a range of advanced solid wood furniture.
  • It consist of features like secure sleep systems, height-adjustability of the sleep platform and the variability of lying surface.

Canopy Enclosed Beds from

  • Courtney - beds are hand-crafted beds.
  • Safety sleeper beds are made ofaluminum frame, fire retardant polyester fabric and 100% breathable.
  • Naoh's - beds have wooden construction, individually sewn canopy that maximize the strength and durability of the bed.
  • Pedicraft - beds are made of strong polyester mesh, the mattress arefire-retardant foam covered in sure-chek comfort vinyl.

Pedicraft enclosed canopy bed

Noah's enclosed canopy bed

Courtney enclosed canopy bed

Safety sleeper enclosed canopy bed