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Special Needs Kids

Pediatric Products for Special Needs Kids required for positioning and mobility purpose. We carry a wide range of products like Strollers, Wheelchairs, Seating Systems, Homecare Beds, Adaptive Tricycles and Bath products of major brands idealistic to meet the needs of children.

Special Needs Pediatric Products

Pediatric Seating

Pediatric Seating System is an ideal way for children with moderate to severe physical and neurological disabilities to improve and maintain proper body alignment. The right equipment for seating enhance the health, independence, and comfort of individuals who require additional support with proper seating and positioning. Our pediatric seating systems offer ideal body posture support.

Strollers and Pushchairs

Special needs Strollers and Pushchairs offer several benefits over a wheelchair including easily transportable, good for travel and fold up easily and compact. Strollers and pushchairs provide much-needed freedom, safety and mobility for disabled children and their parents. It meets all the needs of parents for an everyday portable stroller to transport their children.

Pediatric Gait Trainers

Pediatric Gait Trainers are intended for children with physical disabilities, to provide the opportunity to improve walking ability. Gait Trainer is a sturdy, easy to use mobility aid to help those with limited mobility and leg stability issues with a safe and secure walking aid. Gait trainers provide outstanding support in learning to walk, maintaining momentum, and building muscle skills.

Pediatric Walking Aids

Pediatric Walking Aids can be fairly basic canes, crutches and walkers. The level of complexity will depend on the child's abilities and the degree of help they will need to walk. Pediatric walkers are generally height adjustable and can be either pulled from behind or pushed in from depending on the child's abilities. The cane can have a single tip which touches the ground while crutches are supported through the arm or arms.

Pediatric Standers

Standing is an integral part of many developmentally disabled children's rehabilitation. Pediatric Standers are designed to provide the user with the benefits of weight bearing in an upright position. Pediatric standers are commonly used by children who cannot stand on their own or for children who is suffering from different kinds of ailments in spine and limbs. It allows quick and easy adjustments to the postural support.

Pediatric Bath Products

The bathroom is an area where many accidents happen each year. Many special needs children require special bath equipment which provide hygiene, and bath safety. The pediatric bath chairs make bathing enjoyable and safe. An adjustable shower chair can make shower time an ease. Adapted and assisted toileting systems are designed to be versatile, comfortable and easy to clean.

Special Needs Therapy Products

We have Special Therapy Needs Products for children with special needs and for the physically and intellectually disabled. Our products meet the needs of special needs children as they improve their physical skills or provide sensory stimuli. These products are designed for assisting and supporting the physical development of children with special needs.

Adaptive Tricycles

The Special Needs Adaptive Tricycles makes it possible for children with physical disabilities to experience for the first time, a very essential play skill riding. Pediatric adaptive tricycle will provide therapeutic benefits to children with low muscle tone. These special needs tricycles offers a safe, therapeutic and fun riding experience for children with physical disabilities.