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Pediatric Bath Products

Pediatric Bath Products are perfect for children with special needs for whom staying hygiene is as important as well equipped. Pediatric Bath Products are necessary for a healthy, safe and a happy start of the day to stimulate child remaining active throughout the day.

Pediatric Bath Products

Pediatric Bath Chairs

Pediatric Bath Chairs makes bathing time, a great time for special needs or disabled children. Our Pediatric Bath Chairs are designed to give superior comfort and safety to the users. It’s an ideal bathing solution for the child as well as the caregiver.

Pediatric Bath Supports

Pediatric Bath Supports are specially designed to support the child sit safely and comfortably in the ideal bathing position. Bath Supports provide extra stability and improve seating posture while in the tub. They provide postural support while ensuring that the child is stable and secure during bathing.

Pediatric Commodes

Pediatric Commode Chairs facilitates personal hygiene for the child and allows the caregiver to work in a comfortable position. These Commode Chairs makes the child feel much more independent and fresh.

Rehab Shower Commode Chairs

Rehab Shower Commode Chairs aid the special needs or physically disabled children to perform their daily bathroom activities with complete convenience, safety and hygiene. It also gives the caregiver or the parent an independent and pleasant environment to take proper care of the child.

Toilet Support Systems

Toilet Support Systems aids and supports individuals with disabilities or special needs when positioned over a toilet. Toilet Support Systems are easy and convenient to attach and remove from toilet.

Bath/Shower Transfer Systems

Bath/Shower Transfer Systems are multi-functional transfer system that can be used for positioning, as a roll-in shower chair and bath slider. Bath/Shower Transfer Systems gives the user and caregiver an independent and relaxed environment for bathing along with the required safety.

Bath Lift

Bath Lifts are an incredibly safe way to take a bath in your bathroom. Bath Lifts are an excellent way to regain full use of your bathroom if the user has difficulty getting in or out of the bath. These lifts minimizes moving and handling risks for therapists, parents and caregivers.