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Special Needs Seating

Special Needs Seating Systems Special Needs Seating systems at Medicaleshop offers wide range of positioning and seating solutions for your special needs child whether at school or home. Designed to meet individual’s needs, buy special needs chairs, adaptive chairs, car seats, pediatric corner chair, therapy chairs, tables and desks for special needs kids.

Pediatric Seating for Special needs

Modular Seating System

Modular Seating System is a fully adjustable modular seating system that provides excellent postural support for a wide range of users. It has been designed keeping in mind the importance of comfort for the user and the necessity to provide a stable postural support and base.

Pediatric Activity Chairs

Pediatric Activity Chairs provide versatile, adaptable and active seating for all classroom activities. Along with providing the proper posture these activity chairs are also available in vibrant bright colors to keep the child’s interest in the activity chair and his activities high.

Bolster Chairs

Bolster Chairs are adjustable chairs with attached desks for children with special needs or physical disabilities. They are designed for children who need a wide base of support in order to achieve good pelvic position, lower extremity position, and trunk alignment for stable sitting.

Pediatric Car Seats

Pediatric Car Seat is the first choice for therapists and parents for safe transport of special needs children. Along with absolute positioning and integrated lateral support pediatric car seat provides complete safety for children while driving.

Pediatric Corner Chairs

Pediatric Corner Chairs provide external support for children who have inadequate postural control of the head, neck and trunk. This positioning control keeps the child’s shoulders channelled to help better focus on his daily activities at school or in home.

Pediatric Kinder Chairs

Kinder Chairs provide many options to gain the best alignment and postural control possible, so that the child can focus on developing and coordinating arm and hand skills. These Kinder Chairs are designed specifically for the pediatric activities of handicapped children for home, school, or institutional use.

Pediatric Positioning System

Pediatric Positioning System offers a variety of positioning options and modules to allow children to enjoy experiences, activities, and interactions that contribute significantly to their development. We also carry some products that are designed specifically for early intervention programs.

Pediatric School Classroom Chairs

Pediatric School Classroom Chairs are specifically designed to aid in proper posture positioning for children while in school or even at home. Ideal for physically disabled children Pediatric School Classroom Chairs are comfortable, attractive and adjustable.

Pediatric Therapy Chairs

Pediatric Therapy Chairs prove to be very advantageous for disabled children, children with special needs or children with severe therapeutic problems. We carry Pediatric Therapy Chairs from best brands that provide exceptional comfort for various size children with very little adjustment necessary.

Table Desk Easels & Benches

Table Desk Easels & Benches provides children with proper posture as well as complete safety while playing, studying or performing other activities in school. We carry pediatric Tables, Desks, Easels and Therapy Benches which are easily adjustable to conveniently fit to children of different ages.

Pediatric Seating Accessories

Pediatric Seating Accessories are as critical as are the seating furniture. They need to match up with the equipment to provide maximum comfort and usefulness. We carry various types of anchors and hand grabs to be chosen from.