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Special Therapy Needs

Special Therapy Needs products are an excellent collection of therapy, exercise and educational products for individual with special needs. Balancing System, Balancing Boards, Positioning Pillows and many more in exciting colors.

Special Needs Therapy Products

Rifton Solo Lift

Solo Lifts are the unbeatable choice for the low–functioning or special needs individuals. Solo Lift transfer is a dignified process which makes the individual change hid positions in a comfortable and secured manner.

Therapy Rolls & Bolsters

Therapy Rolls & Bolsters are great for a variety of comfort, support and therapy applications. Therapy Rolls & Bolsters provide a soft and effective platform for secure and comfortable therapeutic activities.

Therapy Wedges

Therapy Wedges are designed specifically for infants with gastro esophageal reflux as well as for special needs or physically disabled children. Therapy Wedges provide extremely effective postural control.

Helmets & Headgear

Helmets and headgear protect your child’s head at home, on the playground. We stock hard shell and soft shell helmets, head and neck supports. These pediatric helmets offer protection for children with seizure activity, head banging or traumatic brain injury and improve head control.

Pediatric Vestibulator & Accessories

Pediatric Vestibulators & Accessories are ideal for all types of vestibular therapy required by the special needs children. We carry Pediatric Vestibulators & Accessories that ensure security and safety in all directions for the kids.

Special Therapy Products

Special Therapy Products provide quality services for children with special needs. These products help the child to playfully enhance and explore his physical and mental capabilities.

Weighted Vests & Blankets

Weighted Vests & Blankets have been found to help restless children sleep easier and helps to increase activity performance in Children. Weighted Vests & Blankets work on the deep pressure areas of the body which calm the central nervous system.

TheraTogs Neuromotor & Sensory Rehab

TheraTogs Neuromotor & Sensory Rehab comfortably and gently grip the skin surface, which allows proper strapping applications to effectively influence the user’s movement, stability and posture. TheraTogs Neuromotor & Sensory Rehab is a wearable rehab therapy that is indeed very effective.