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Strollers & Pushchairs

Strollers & Pushchairs offered are well designed for both children and adults with the ability to be transported easily and safely. Variety of innovative and light weighted strollers and pushchairs are available. Brands include Alvema, Adaptive Star, Convaid, Ormesa, and Special Tomato.

Strollers & Pushchairs

Basic Utility Pushchairs

Basic utility pushchairs are exceptionally portable and easy to use dedicated for children with special needs and physically disabled children for fast and comfortable transportation.

Basic Utility Strollers

Basic Utility Strollers are used for transporting and carrying infants, special needs children and children with physical disabilities. Basic Utility Stroller meets all the needs of parents for an everyday portable stroller to transport their children.

Multiple Positioning Strollers

Multiple Positioning Stroller is a compact and lightweight stroller that is ideal for the parent or caregiver and the child when on the go. It is a great buy for new parents who are looking for a durable, lightweight and stylish stroller/pram they can rely on.

School Bus Transit Strollers

School Bus Transit Strollers are used for transporting children with special needs to school safely, easily and conveniently. They offer increased comfort and support for children and teens that lack upper body strength and trunk control.

Tilt-in-Space Strollers

Tilt-in-Space Strollers features both adjustable tilt and recline options. These strollers have tilt adjustment for stabilizing and feeding purposes. These strollers provide proper positioning for a child that maximizes his or her functional performance and independence in daily activities.

Pediatric Three Wheels Strollers

Pediatric Three Wheels Strollers are sleek and stylish, glides along effortlessly, steering nicely with one hand. The child rides safely and comfortably with the safety harness and multi-position reclining seat. Pediatric Three Wheels Strollers are the strollers for the parents on the go.