Special Needs Seating

Special Needs Seating systems offer wide range of positioning and seating solutions for special needs child whether at school or home. These systems are designed to meet individual’s needs.

Tilt/High-Low Seating

Tilt/High-Low Seating integrate multi-positioning seating system feature with a high-low, tilt-in-space mobility base to smoothly accommodate children with mild to severe impairment.

  • Adjustable features to both the caregiver and the child.
  • Enables child to have face to face interactions with their peers at same height.
  • Fulfillment of positioning needs of a special needs child both at home and classroom.
  • The height is adjusted according to the task requirements to aid the child participates more easily in activities.

Classroom Activity Chairs

Classroom Activity Chairs are specifically aimed to aid in proper posture positioning for children aging from 1-12 years with mild to severe impairments at both schools as well as at home.

  • The height adjustable feature to accommodate multiple users.
  • Attractive & adjustable perfect for physically challenged children.
  • For enhanced positioning and comfort of adaptability for use in the classroom.

Kinder & Bolster Chairs

Kinder & Bolster Chairs has attached desks with adjusting features for special needs children or physical impairment.

  • Sustain hip flexion with abduction and exterior rotation.
  • Perfectly suitable for school programs, therapy sessions and for home.
  • Best suitable for children who require a wide base of support to achieve a good pelvic position, lower extremity position, and trunk alignment for stable sitting.

Floor Sitters & Corner Chairs

Corner Floor Sitters for improved sitting balance and provide external support for children who have inadequate postural control of the head, neck and trunk.

  • Trunk alignment is maintained, allowing children to be independent, with hands free to play.
  • It balances child’s day to day activities at school or at home, keeping their shoulders controlled.
  • It helps children develop sitting balance who is inclined to fall back or sideways if they overstress.

Special Needs Positioning

Special Needs Positioning products for physical therapy sessions, activities and interactions that contribute significantly to their development. Children who need to increase tolerance to a prone position and improve stability can be benefited from positioning equipment.

  • They help children achieving desired alignment, postural control and support to optimize functional abilities and safety.
  • It helps making child to understand the need of building healthy body awareness and grow to understand how to cater the body’s needs.

Car Seats for Special Needs

Car Seats for Special Needs are specifically designed for children with special needs such as cerebral palsy, autism, or spinal cord complications or for those who require adaptive car seats or seat restraints for continued safety in cars or buses.

  • Provide padded protection to the user for added security.
  • Offer body support and promote a proper seating position.
  • These car seats are comfortable, easy-to-use as well as easy to clean.

Therapy Benches and Tables

Benches and Tables provide children with proper posture as well as complete safety while playing, studying or performing other activities in school.

  • Ideal for home, therapy, or school programs.
  • Deliver additional stability in sitting and can be used depending on the postural requirement of your child.

Helmets & Neck Supports

Helmets & Neck Supports are used to reduce the probability of blow and neck injuries.

  • Lightweight, soft, durable and comfortable to wear.
  • Help in reducing fatigue and improving attentiveness and concentration.