Special Therapy Needs

Special Therapy Needs products are an excellent collection of therapy, exercise and educational products for individual with special needs. They include - therapy rolls/wedges, theratogs therapeutic garments, changing tables, special needs swings.

Special Needs Therapy-

Special Therapy Products

Special Therapy Products provide quality services for children with special needs. These products help the child to playfully enhance and explore their physical and mental capabilities.

  • They are specifically designed to be versatile and applicable to a wide range of therapies.
  • Used in therapy programs when a child needs minimal support for high level balance activities.

Therapy Rolls/Wedges

Therapy Rolls/Wedges are intended for applications such as extension and flexion, balance, postural therapy and neuro development activities.

  • They are used by therapists for variety of applications.
  • Available in different sizes, shapes and styles to accommodate unique and special requirements.
  • Ideal for assisting with posture, balance, ranging, strengthening and coordination activities, foam rolls can be used for muscle re-education, body awareness and spinal stabilization.

TheraTogs Therapeutic Garments

TheraTogs Therapeutic Garments are specially designed for children with complex neuromotor disorders as they help improve postural alignment and stability. They are wearable rehab therapy which are indeed very effective.

  • Comfortably and gently grip the skin surface.
  • Allow proper strapping applications to effectively influence the user’s movement, stability and posture.

Changing Tables

Changing Tables are strong, affordable & stylish treatment tables which offer full height adjustment to make transfers & treatment of patients easy. They help eliminates back strain and pain from lifting and transferring patients.

  • Maximize safety and comfort for the caregiver as well as the patient.
  • Provide luxury and easy access to patients getting on and off the table.
  • Design to place the patients in an appropriate position so that treatment can be done easily with least efforts.

Special Needs Swings

Special Needs Swings are perfect therapeutic solution for providing sensory integration and neurodevelopmental rehabilitations for children and adults with special needs.

  • Allow children to swing in the comfort and safety of their own home.
  • Ideal for all types of vestibular therapy required by the special needs children.
  • Used in the development of a child's vestibular system by forcing them to accept more movement sensations.