Treatment Tables

Treatment Tables can be used in hospital facilities or in homes for easy transfers and accessing the patients. Treatment tables come with various features to ease transfers for both the caregivers and the patient.

Treatment Tables-

Hi-Lo Treatment Tables

Hi-Lo Treatment Tables have strong and durable construction and also offer a physical therapy solution.

  • They are helpful for the patient as they give comfort and easy access getting on and off the table.
  • Heavy duty hi-lo control allows adjustment of table height while keeping both hands on the patient and both feet on the floor.
  • These tables can be used in doctor's offices, medical clinics, rehabilitation facilities and physical therapy rooms for examination.

Steel Mat Tables

Steel Mat Tables offer a comfortable, safe platform where patients may perform therapeutic exercises or receive treatments.

  • They are designed to meet a varied range of neurological treatment procedures.
  • These tables are generally used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments.
  • They are strong, stylish and helpful for the patients as they give comfort & easy access getting on & off the table.

Wood Mat Tables

Wood Mat Tables offer style in practical designs and a natural wood finish adds to the attractiveness of these treatment tables.

  • Used by physical therapists, physicians, and athletic trainers to position patients for treatment and examination.
  • Provide patients with therapeutic exercise, stretching programs and muscle massages safely, easily and conveniently.

Traction Tables

Traction Tables help in decompression therapy which relieves pressure on the spine performed either manually or mechanically.

  • Give maximum comfort and easy access getting on and off the table.
  • Offer solid stability and loads of leg room & maneuverability for the clinicians as well as patients.

Wood Treatment Tables

Wood Treatment Tables are rugged, versatile and provide plenty of options for helping patients.

  • These tables are rigid, durable and comfortable.
  • Offer elegance in practical designs, and a natural wood finish adds to the attractiveness of these tables.

Bariatric Treatment Tables

Bariatric Treatment Tables are fabricated with extremely durable materials and highlight reinforced designs to securely and firmly accommodate higher patient weights.

  • Provide a safe treatment area which fits the needs of bariatric clients and is vital for quality therapy care.
  • Robust and economic design aids in appropriate positioning of patients for maximum results with minimum effort.

Mobilization Tables

Mobilization Tables are composed of three sections; head section, center section and leg section. Both the head and center sections are moveable in one plane (vertically tilt-able along the axis of the table).

  • Adjusts in height to offer easy access for patients and minimize back stress for caregivers.
  • All controls of the table are easily accessible from either side of the table and can be precisely released and locked.

Changing Tables

Changing Tables are strong and affordable and offer full height adjustment and section mobility.

  • Help in eliminating back strain and pain from lifting and transferring patients.
  • Support in proper positioning of patients for maximum results with minimum effort.