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Convaid Vivo Lightweight Pediatric Stroller

Children's Lightest Wheelchair with Adjustable Seat Back

Vivo wheelchair is a great economical back-up chair with adjustable seat back. It weights only 14 pounds thus its the one of the lightest children's wheelchair on the market. Vivo wheelchair is perfect for outings to school, day programs, or doctor visits. This is ultra lightweight wheelchair for teenagers and children and it is compact folding and can be easily stows in the trunk of the car. It comes with a grow able seat depth, seat back angle adjustment, adjustable strap back for added positioning and height adjustable swing away footplates.

Convaid Scout All Terrain Pediatric Wheelchair
Convaid Scout All Terrain Pediatric Wheelchair


  • 10° Fixed Tilt - Promotes an upright position for individuals with good trunk strength and upper body stability.
  • 95° - 120° of Adjustable Recline - Opens the seat-to-back angle for better digestion, improved respiration, and pressure relief
  • Self Tensioning Seating Surface - Frame is uniquely designed to open wider with the weight of the occupant - this design keeps the fabric taut, and provides a flat/stable seating surface for optimal positioning
  • Adjustable Strap Back - Provides contoured positioning
  • Zippered Pockets in Upholstery - Allow additional foam padding to be added for firmer support
  • Adjustable Strap Seat Supports - Adjust position of hips to provide pressure relief
  • Lightweight and Compact Folding - Easily stows in a car, bus or airplane - fold and go.
  • Comprehensive Positioning Options - Provide comfort and proper positioning
  • Multiple Frame Adjustments - Extend the life of the chair for a growing child
  • 2-Point Positioning Belt
  • Height Adjustable Swing-Away Footplates
  • Closure Strap
  • Toggle Wheel Locks
  • 6" (15 cm) Front - 8" (20 cm) Rear Solid Tires
  • Adjustable Back Upholstery

The proper Seat Width measurement is decided by taking the widest point across between the hips and the knees when sitting comfortably and adding about 1 to 2 inches for your child's comfort and growth.

Convaid Scout All Terrain Pediatric Wheelchair