Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories are basic add-ons for wheelchairs making daily activities and mobility easier. Wheelchair Accessories are used in both power and manual wheelchair for customization making them more comfortable to use. Wheelchair Parts include Pelvic Positioning, Upper Body Positioning, Lower Body Positioning, and many more.

Wheelchair Accessories-

Seat Belts for Wheelchairs

Seat Belts for Wheelchairs are intended to safeguard the individual seated in the wheelchair to prevent from sliding or dipping out of.

  • Easy to use, comfortable and provide easier positioning.
  • These seat belts can be used as- safety device, positioning device and restraint.
  • They are designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury.

Upper Body Positioning

Upper Body Positioning includes products like chest belts, trunk support, shoulder harnesses, arm supports. They are designed to provide excellent support to upper body for wheelchair users and keeping them well positioned over the wheelchair for long duration.

  • Helps retains a good visual field, and improves general pressure distribution.
  • Provide appropriate trunk position for good respiration, digestion, head positioning, and functional reach, with stability.
  • Ideal for individual’s suffering from spasticity or muscle weakness and atrophy which prevent them from proper positioning in their wheelchair.

Lower Body Positioning

Lower Body Positioning includes products for ankle positioning, calf straps, footplates, leg harness, knee adductor, amputee supports, pelvic positioning to provide support and positioning to the wheelchair users for long period of time.

  • Help achieve good seating posture with increased stability.
  • Assist in reducing joint stress and provides comfort and support to the wheelchair.
  • Provide better range of motion, improved foot circulation and sustained hip and knee position for maximum comfort.

Headrests/Neck Supports

Headrests/Neck Supports are fully adjustable used for people with disabilities and using wheelchair for mobility. They are designed to provide lateral and/or anterior support solutions for more complex positioning needs.

  • They help maintain an upright head posture.
  • Provide high degree of comfort and safety to the user.
  • These supports are contoured to ensure optimal function and support.

Wheelchair gloves

Wheelchair gloves protect wheelchair user’s hands from injury and help prevent discomfort using self-propelled wheelchairs.

  • They help protect palms and wrists against skin abrasions.
  • Their grips and reinforcements aid movement and protect the skin.

Castors & Forks

Castors & Forks are manual wheelchair accessories which are strong, durable and improve wheelchair's traction.

  • Forks make it easier to remove and clean the wheels and turn them sideways.
  • Casters are small wheels which are positioned at the front of the wheelchair. They provide support for the wheelchair base.

Wheelchair Scales

Wheelchair Scales provide an appropriate and safe way of weighing patients without the risk of them leaving their wheelchair.

  • These scales have stable construction with very high capacity.
  • They are the great approach to ensure precise weight measurement.
  • Provide enormous help in rehab, orthopedics, dialysis and nursing homes.

Wheelchair Transfer Boards

Wheelchair Transfer Boards are intended to assist users and caregivers in the safe transfers. These boards help transfer sitting users to and from wheelchairs, beds, toilets, car seats and many other seated positions.

  • They are durable, lightweight, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Also helps people get into and out of wheelchairs as well as prevent falls.
  • Appropriate for leveling out height changes and for connecting short distances.

Wheelchair Trays

Wheelchair Trays help individual contribute in activities such as eating meals, writing, reading, supporting communication devices and computers.

  • These trays are durable and lightweight.
  • They are normally mounted on the armrest of the wheelchair.
  • These trays can also be used as a support device to aid users retain their posture and support their arms.