Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts

Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts are mechanical platform designed to raise and lower to allow an individual with a wheelchair to enter and exit a vehicle and also carry their wheelchair or scooter with them wherever they go. They make transporting mobility devices easy, fast & effortless in the minivan, car, truck or SUV. These lifts easily installs into most types of vehicles for fast loading and storage of an unoccupied scooter or wheelchair while traveling down the road.

Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts

  • Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts can be used with nearly all makes of cars, vans and trucks, enabling an individual to easily transport wheelchair & scooter wherever they travel.
  • Help enhance personal mobility and extend the independence of wheelchair or scooter users in several ways.
  • Some lift models are designed to carry scooters on the exterior of a vehicle, while others are designed for interior transport.

Types of wheelchair lifts

  • Bumper-mounted lifts- Allow users to mount the lift on their own. The lift gets connected with the back of the car and will pick up the wheelchair when required.
  • Hitch-mount lifts- Feature a release button and is pressed when an individual want the wheelchair on the floor. Easy to operate and portable, they are great for long trips.

Types of scooter lifts

  • Platform Lifts- Available with semi-automatic or fully automatic functionality. Client can fold, unfold, lower, and raise an automatic platform lift at the touch of a button or control. On the other hand, the platform area of a semi-automatic lift must be folded and unfolded manually.
  • Rotary Lifts- Also known as swing lifts and are commonly used with vans or shuttle buses. They can be positioned by moving the lift up and down and side to side.

Benefits of wheelchair & scooter lifts

  • Offers convenience- The convenience of a lift for vehicles means client will never have to go anywhere again without their mobility equipment.
  • Cost efficiency- Uses an uncomplicated rear-hitch receiver and is powered economically by the motorized wheelchair's rechargeable batteries.
  • Saves space- A rear-mounted chair lift keeps mobility devices from overcrowding the interior of the vehicle. With mobility device securely loaded on the outside, client will have more accessible room on the inside.
  • Personal safety- An exterior vehicle lift also provides easier and safer access to the mobility devices because an individual won't be obstructed by sidewalk curbs.