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Why buy a Rifton TRAM

Rifton TRAM is breaking new ground in the world of safe patient handling and movement which acts as a transfer and mobility device. Rifton TRAM seamlessly performs seated transfers and raises a patient for standing and supported ambulation. Rifton Tram is compact; its ultralight frame is navigable in small or confined areas, as well as to transport or store. With proper use it can:- Rifton TRAM benefits



  • Eliminate caregiver lifting­­­­.
  • Reduce back strain and workplace injuries.
  • Give dignity and safety to the user.






Here is a quote from Mobility Management:

Writer Laurie Watanabe highlights the multi capabilities of the Rifton TRAM praise its role as a gait trainer, a lift, and a transfer device. More than a patient lift system, the Rifton TRAM combines three powerful functions in one device:


One Device - Multiple Benefits:

Multiple use of Rifton TRAM

Rifton TRAM is useful for Patients with progressive neurological diseases and multiple disorders, which slows down the ability to move and balance. Rifton TRAM is designed which enables the users to live life independently and help in performing day-to- day activities efficiently.

buy Rifton TRAM at best priceSome of the features of Rifton TRAM are:-

  • An ultra-light compact frame that’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • With 350-pound weight capacity and a powerful battery drive that can deliver over 70 lifts on a single charge.
  • The TRAM is easy to operate, powered controls ingenious body support system making easy for single caregiver.
  • Single caregiver can assist even a tall client with poor balance in sit-to-stand transfers.
  • Transfer with the TRAM is simple & quick as no complex sling system is needed, the user remains in upright position for all his transfers.
  • The Rifton TRAM is an economical as its versatility saves money simply by combining three essential functions in one device.
  • Rifton TRAM provides an effortless seat-to- toilet transfer along with hygiene care.
  • Rifton TRAM allows quick transfer for the patient for a safe transfer by providing a smarter and safer environment for workers.


Thus, Is TRAM primarily a patient lift? a transfer device? or a gait trainer?

In the end, it answers multiple needs in a single package and that is what matters the most. It’s a great product for individuals of varying abilities and body types who needs a stress-free and easy transfer and mobility device.

We are always happy to help our valued customers in choosing the right product for their special needs.