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BD Peripheral IV Catheter, Disposable, Radiopaque, BD Vialon

$3.16 to $642.94
SKU: BE3814-MI
$3.16 to $642.94

BD Insyte Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter provides the user with advance safety at the push of a button. It incorporates the specially developed BD push-button shielding technology that safeguards clinicians from accidental needle sticks. These IV catheters are made from BD Vialon biomaterial that softens when inside the vein thereby reducing the risk of phlebitis and increasing dwell times. The notched needle technology lets the user easily visualize blood return along the catheter shaft. This enhances care for fragile blood vessels or vessels without venous tone.

The well-established BD Insyte Autoguard shielded IV catheter incorporates advanced safety features including a push button that instantly retracts the needle, helping reduce the risk of accidental needlestick injuries. It also features notched needle technology that lets you easily visualise blood return along the catheter, which can potentially improve first stick success by providing clinicians with immediate vessel entry confirmation. The unique patented activationmechanism of the BD Insyte Autoguard catheter reducesthe risk of needlesticks with justthe touch of a button. Pressingthe button releases a springthat allows the needle andflash chamber to retract in acontrolled manner, completelyinto the safety barrel.Also, the notched needletechnology provides rapidvisualization of bloodreturn along the cathetershaft, providing immediateconfirmation of catheterplacement.A. Needlesticks and othersharps injuries presenta significant risk forthe transmission ofserious and deadlybloodborne pathogens.BD is a pioneer in thedevelopment of safetyproducts designed toprotect health careworkers, and is activelyexpanding its productofferings to protectagainst sharps injuries.Our company?s goalis to educate andinform institutions,and the people atrisk. Today, we havethe most extensivearray of safetyengineered devicesin the industry,including bloodcollection systems,syringes and infusiontherapy systems.


  • The push-button needle shielding technology reduces needlestick injuries by 95%
  • Insyte Autoguard IV Catheter does not contain natural rubber latex and is DEHP free.
  • It is an ideal IV catheter for the emergency room, operating room and labor and delivery
  • The notched needle improves the chances of first-stick success thereby reducing painful hit-and-miss insertions.
  • BD Insyte Autoguard IV Catheter is indicated for Chronically ill patient who has compromised vein status, Neonates and Geriatrics
  • BD Vialon biomaterial softens up to 70% when inside the vein. This enables longer dwell times and also reduces the chance of mechanical phlebitis by up to 50%.

The BD Vialon Material helps in:

  • Increasing the ease of penetration.
  • Reducing the risks of infiltration.
  • Providing greater kink resistance.
  • Reducing the risks of phlebitis up to 50%.
  • Reducing IV restarts due to reduced complications.
Precautions to be taken while using Insyte IV Catheters:
  • Do not use scissors at or near the insertion site
  • Never reinsert needle into the catheter as this could shear the catheter
  • Do not withdraw needle from catheter hub before pressing the white button
  • Needle should be retracted prior to disposal in a puncture resistant, leak proof sharps container

Insertion success:

  • Release the tip seal before insertion by rotating the barrel 360ø
  • Make sure catheter is seated back in the notch
  • Slow down the speed of insertion
  • Lower the initial insertion angle, keeping the elbow low
  • After flash, lower the angle and advance entire catheter/needle unit slightly to ensure the catheter tip is within the vessel

    Do not bend the needleprior to insertion.Never reinsert needle intothe catheter as this couldshear the catheter.Do not withdraw needlefrom catheter hub beforepressing the white button.Do not use scissors at ornear the insertion site.Aseptic technique andproper skin preparationof the site are essential.Discard the needle in thenearest sharps collector.Follow your institution?spolicy for safe disposalof all medical waste.

Seeing the flash:

  • Trust the instinct and take a pause
  • Look for initial flash along the catheter and then in the flash chamber (20, 22, and 24 gauge); in larger gauge sizes observe initial flash behind the white button
  • Take care of patient factors such as small veins, small patient, low blood pressure, condition of vein, dehydration, etc., that may slow down flash

Step By Step Safety

  • Venipuncture .
  • Stabilize catheter hub.
  • Approach vein slowlyt a low angle.
  • Observe flashback1Advancement.
  • Release tourniquetNeedleRetraction.
  • Press the white button3 Securement.
  • Apply digital pressurebeyond the catheter tip.
  • Thread catheter intovein while maintainingskin traction.
  • Upon flashback visualization, lower catheteralmost parallel to the skin.
  • Secure catheter andapply sterile dressingaccording to policy andprocedure.
  • Before threading, advanceENTIRE UNIT slightly to ensurecatheter tip is in the vein.
  • Prior to venipuncture,rotate catheter hub 360degrees, and seat it inits original position.

Threading with ease:

  • Maintain traction on the skin while advancing the catheter.
  • Make sure tip seal is released before insertion by rotating the barrel 360ø
  • Push the catheter forward off the needle, while holding the needle stationary
  • After flash, lower the angle and advance entire catheter/needle unit slightly to ensure the catheter tip is within the vessel

Retracting the needle:

  • Release the tip seal before insertion by rotating the barrel 360ø
  • Place pressure on the vessel beyond the tip of the catheter
  • Make sure needle is not being inadvertently bent while attempting to activate the button

Minimizing the blood:

  • Release tourniquet before pressing the button
  • Place digital pressure beyond the catheter tip.
  • Have IV connector or tubing close by and ready

Avoid early activation:

  • Be aware of where the fingers are
  • Remove needle cover in a straight, outward motion
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