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ActiveAid offers shower and bath commode seating products which can provide total safety and comfort for showering and toileting. These products make transporting and positioning extremely easy and are durable and comfortable.

Adult Tilt/Recline Chairs

Adult Tilt/Recline Chairs by ActiveAid offers so many alternatives when considering the positioning needs of the severely involved client. The capability for multiple adjustments is important to accommodate the growth of a pediatric client and address the changing needs of an adult user.

  • Height adjustable, swing away, removable arms.
  • Stainless steel frame with stainless steel and composite components.
  • Versatility to use the chair for toileting, bathing, positioning, and mobility purposes.
  • Evolution Series Chairs

    ACTIVEAID has designed our new “Evolution Series” of Rehab Shower/Commode chairs to address the various obstacles encountered when trying to combine showering, toileting, and positioning equipment.

    • Adjustable height arms.
    • User friendly Shower/Commode chairs.

    Pediatric Chairs

    Pediatric Chairs by ActiveAid designed its pediatric shower/commodes to provide for the widest range of special needs for our pediatric clients. Tilt with complete lateral support can be accomplished with both chairs while the model 282 provides tilt and recline.

    • Versatile and support changing postural needs.
    • Equipment is adjustable with the child’s growth and developing body.

    Raised Toilet Seats

    Raised Toilet Seats by ActiveAid address needs involving portability or convenience. Its modular counterparts have slotted 4-way positioning seats affording perineal access from any direction.

    • Height adjustable.
    • Comfortable padded seat.
    • Compact design which is easy to transport.

    Rehab Shower Chairs

    Rehab Shower Chairs by ActiveAid are developed to address the wide range of necessities for both user and caregiver.

    • Made of stainless steel frame.
    • Easy to store and travel friendly.
    • Padded, maneuverable and ergonomically designed for proper pressure relief.

    Tub Chairs

    Tub Chairs from ActiveAid are comfortable provides an all-stainless steel frame for maximum strength and stability.

    • Stainless Steel Frame.
    • 250 lb weight capacity.
    • Adjustable and foldable for easy storage/travel.