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ArjoHuntleigh designed Therapeutic Support Systems for the individuals with multiple chronic health conditions. The ArjoHuntleigh carries medical equipment and integrated solutions for patient handling & hygiene increasing the quality of life and efficiency of care. Shop a wide range of ArjoHuntleigh products at unbeatable rates only at the online store of Medicaleshop.

ArjoHuntleigh Stand Up Lifts

ArjoHuntleigh Stand Up Lifts battery-powered standing and raising aid intended to raise and lower semi-dependent individual for transfers and toileting.

  • Easily, safely and efficiently operated by a single caregiver.
  • Allow users or residents to safely stand up before and after transfers.
  • Ideal for transfers to and from the toilet, chair, edge of the bed or wheelchair.

ArjoHuntleigh Patient Lifts

ArjoHuntleigh Patient Lifts provide an easy-to-operate system which eliminates the need for manual lifting, thereby reducing the risk of injuries to caregivers.

  • Makes care routine smooth and efficient.
  • Maintain proper body posture and avoid injury.
  • Offer safe, comfortable and ergonomic client handling.

ArjoHuntleigh Bath Safety

ArjoHuntleigh Bath Safety facilitates an effective bathing cycle and offers a safe, relaxed bathing environment with extreme benefits for the clients. They aid to improve efficiency of the showering process.

  • Makes bathing accessible for all individuals.
  • Reduces the risk of work-related injuries and increase comfort.
  • Used for a comfortable and safe seating position during bath and toileting.

ArjoHuntleigh Ceiling Lifts

ArjoHuntleigh Ceiling Lifts can be permanently installed on the ceiling of a room in order to save space. They are designed to aid patients with mobility impairment in continuing normal activities at home.

  • Used to lift patients as floor sling lifts.
  • They use an overhead electric motor controlled by a hand-held set of push buttons to raise and lower the patient.

ArjoHuntleigh Lift Walkers

ArjoHuntleigh Lift Walkers plays an important role in every step of the way during the initial stages of a patient's rehabilitation and ambulation training. These lift walkers help patient gets moving earlier.

  • Versatile training tool for the gym, treatment area or ward.
  • Support the individual need to progress safely towards own level of achievable mobility.
  • Help reduce transfer risks for both client and physical therapist when lifting or lowering the client to and from the standing position.

ArjoHuntleigh Slings

ArjoHuntleigh Slings are designed to provide a safer work environment for health care workers and provide a more comfortable and dignified living for patients. They accompany patient during their stay, ensuring a hygienic, comfortable and secure fit.

  • Provide caregivers with a secure hold and control during patient transfers.
  • Offer safe transfer for those who have some weight bearing ability, but cannot stand independently.
  • Give greater comfort to the patient, to meet the needs and challenges of today's hospital and acute care environments.

ArjoHuntleigh Medical Beds

ArjoHuntleigh Medical Beds allow good infection control, offer improved ergonomics, comfort, security and ease of use, and also promote effective risk management.

  • Support and assist the resident/patient and the caregiver.
  • Prevent and treat pressure ulcers and pulmonary complications.
  • Reduces fall risk, improve pressure area care and endorse client independence and comfort.

ArjoHuntleigh Therapeutic Support Surfaces

ArjoHuntleigh Therapeutic Support Surfaces designed to aid prevent and achieve complications associated with preventable events such as drops, pressure ulcers, and ventilator related pneumonia.

  • Provide effective pressure relief and improved solutions for a wide range of user management issues.
  • Help achieve client outcomes by assisting to treat and prevent the problems which are associated with immobility.

Arjohuntleigh Compression Pumps

Arjohuntleigh Compression Pumps delivers a simple, easy to use method of enhancing the circulation of blood in the deep veins of the legs, reducing venous stasis.

  • Ergonomically designed for efficient use in many different situations from the clinic to the home.
  • Ideal to treat venous ulceration, dependent and traumatic edema and chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Offer clinically effective non-invasive dynamic compression to the limbs to treat a wide variety of vascular and lymphatic conditions.