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Arjo Maxi Sky 440 portable power ceiling lift with easytrack 3 post system

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 Maxi Sky 440 portable power ceiling lift with easytrack 3 post features a pass through system allowing the lift to swing from room to room for increased versatility. The ultra-light, easy-to-operate portable ceiling lift system allows a single caregiver to perform transfers using a handset control, without stress or strain, and with no manual lifting. Portable lift with easytrack system can be set up quickly where a patient transfer is needed.

Smooth operation: The controls are easily accessible on the handheld control unit and the front of the lift cassette. The electronic soft-start and soft-stop makes it easy for the caregiver to ensure the lift can always be stopped smoothly and safely in exactly the right position.

Built-In safeguards: Features such as a brake, manual lowering system and stopping device safeguard the resident/client in the event of an emergency. A power limiter prevents lift use when the battery is low.

Simple maintenance: Changing the battery in the lift cassette is easy and requires only a screwdriver. A red light on the lift cassette alerts the caregiver when servicing is required. The modular design means replacement components can be simply snapped into place.

On track: The tight radius of the curved track sections enables layouts with superior space utilization. The track sections fit together using a unique pin-locking system, and once in place, the seamless joints provide a smooth ride for the resident/client during lateral transfers.

Easytrack: A floor to ceiling pressure fit system requiring no permanent installation. It is versatile, offering various possible configurations such as 2 post, 3 post, 4 post layouts along with accessories such as bath tub adaptor. Easytrack can also be fastened to the wall in a multitude of configurations.

Easytrack 3 Post Configuration: The 3 post configuration allows movement in two directions, allowing lifts or transfers anywhere within the triangle area. Also available with a tub bracket which allows one post to be mounted onto a bathtub ledge (minimum 3" ledge at ends required). The 3 post configuration works great in bathrooms allowing access to tub, sink and toilet.

3 Post Easytrack includes:

  • Pivot post- 1 piece
  • Top plate- 3 pieces
  • Protector- 8 pieces
  • Clip-on level- 1 piece
  • Flat blue cap- 1 pieces
  • Standard post- 2 pieces
  • Allen key 6mm- 1 piece
  • Round blue cap- 3 pieces
  • Blue plastic strip- 6 pieces
  • Round foot plate- 3 pieces
  • Post top for pivot post- 1 piece
  • Extendable track 118” & swivel trolley- 1 piece
  • Pivoting extendable track 118" & standard trolley- 1 piece


  • Emergency brake
  • Strap length up to 88"
  • Battery charging indicator
  • Safe working load: 440 lbs.
  • Overload circuit protection
  • Emergency lowering device
  • Emergency stopping device
  • Electronic soft-start and soft-stop
  • Height from floor to ceiling 82" - 118"
  • EASYTRACK 3 POSTS and Bath/Adapt
  • Pass through system to swing from room to room
  • Low battery LED indicator for maintenance required

Weight Capacity of Arjo Lift Slings

Sling use Disclaimer: Please note that we recommend only to use the recommended brand slings with your Patient lifts, we do not guarantee compatibility of other sling brands with your lift model.

Maxi Sky 440 portable power ceiling lift with easytrack 3 post system
Safe working load440 lbs.
Strap lengthUp to 88"
Height from floor to ceiling82" - 118"
Unit weight (batteries included)14 lbs.
Emergency lowering deviceManual
Lifting speed1.7"/sec.
Transfers per battery30 Transfers up to 176 lbs.
Protection classIP 44 (Handset)
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