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Arjo MaxiOnce disposable sliding aid

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Arjo MaxiOnce is a single use disposable sliding sheet designed to meet the needs and challenges of healthcare facility and hospital areas with high patient turnover and high demands on infection control. MaxiOnce tubular sliding aid is made from a strong low friction material, the MaxiOnce is only used for one specific patient on one occasion, ensuring a hygienic and safe patient transfer.

MaxiOnce comes on a roll, which is then inserted into a MaxiOnce holder. MaxiOnce can be cut to any length, which means it can be tailored to fit the resident/patient, ensuring minimum waste. It has a measurement system that makes it easy to determine the right length of sliding aid required - the distance between each Arjo logo is approx. (12").

Reduces cross contamination- MaxiOnce is a single use disposable aid, helps to reduce risks associated with cross contamination. Protecting patients is a key aspect of an infection control policies.

MaxiOnce should be treated as a disposable product. It can be recycled in accordance with national and local regulations for Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), and in accordance with internal healthcare facility/hospital regulations. The MaxiOnce contains no hazardous substances.

MaxiOnce helps caregivers to carry out safer, more ergonomic patient transfers, it also helps to reduce the risks of back injuries at work and the consequences this entails.


  • MaxiOnce saves time and reduces risk
  • No more wasted time looking for sliding aids
  • No more damaged or lost sliding aids during the laundry process
  • No more dangerous manual lifting because sliding aids are damaged or unavailable

Note:- Arjo MaxiOnce holder is an optional item and is sold separately.

Arjo MaxiOnce disposable sliding aid
Weight17.6 lbs.
Dimension (feet)328' L x 2½' W
MaxiOnce Measurement System
Length feetNumber of Arjologos
4 - 55
5 - 66
6 - 77
7 - 88
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