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ArjoHuntleigh Parker height-adjustable reclining bath tub

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ArjoHuntleigh Parker height-adjustable reclining bath tub is designed to improve efficiency in the assisted bathing and showering of adult residents at care facilities. Parker bath tub make tasks easier and safer, a single caregiver can safely manage the entire bathing cycle, which involves no manual lifting, strain or stress. The combination of hand controls, a reclined bathing position and height adjustability helps caregiver, always work at the correct height and close to the resident/client.

A separate hand control for powered functions of raising/lowering and reclining the tub, time-saving features such as auto-fill, and sophisticated control of bathing conditions. An integrated disinfection system minimizes the risk of cross-infection. Parker is a side-entry bathing system that allows easy access for residents with various degrees of mobility. A range of options such as an Air Spa and Sound & Vision™ are available to enhance the bathing experience.

Improved efficiency - The easy-to-use system ensures efficient bathing routines. Side entry bath access and mobile aid integration mean smooth transfers with no manual lifting.

Optimum disinfection ensured - Parker bath tub has an internal integrated disinfection and air spa system; the most time-efficient solution for disinfecting the bath’s external surfaces.

A faster, better bathing cycle - Every aspect of this bathing system is designed to save time. Auto-fill enables the bath to be filled to a preset level while the caregiver transports the resident/client.

A superior bathing experience - A range of options, such as air spa and sound & vision, enable you to create a calm, multi-sensory bathroom environment and the ideal conditions for helping residents/clients of all ages to relax.

Features & Benefits:

  • Supplied with pop-up drain and built-in surface overflow outlet
  • Optional auto-fill feature that pre-fills the foot well to a preset level (96 L)
  • Made from GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) for maximum strength and durability
  • Two built-in soft touch grab rails - contoured for maximum grip - for safe entry and exit
  • Molding incorporates ergonomically designed internal features for maximum comfort and safety
  • Shower handle with lock button on the side of the handle for a constant water flow and improved showering process
  • Optional 9 jet air spa system - can be activated and managed via the control panel or handheld control unit for an optimum bathing experience.
  • Integrated thermostatic water controls for filling and showering, with twin digital temperature displays for monitoring bath filling level and shower water temperature.

Key features:

Optional air spa: The adjustable Air Spa has 2 zones, footwell or whole tub, and 2 intensity settings.

Optional Sound & vision: The built-in system provides colored underwater light and MP3 music selection.

Hand control: As well as raising, lowering and tilting the tub, the hand control can now control air spa settings.

Shower handle & holder: A new lock button feature means continuous water flow without holding in the trigger.

Integrated disinfection: The built-in disinfection system ensures system hygiene for tub surfaces and Air Spa system.

Versatile tub direction: The stand-alone tub can be fitted to point in either direction, allowing flexibility for fitting pipes.

New control panel: Digital temperature displays for monitoring tub water and shower/fill temperatures. Enhanced control of air spa, disinfection and auto-fill.

Advanced safety features:

Battery back-up: Battery back-up in the event of a power failure

Emergency stop (all functions): Emergency stop that will stop all functions, in the event of danger

Low-level indicator (disinfection): Low disinfection fluid level indicator, to ensure the bath is always disinfected with correct ratio of disinfection fluid

Scalding protection: Scald protection, that switches off the fill and shower water, in the unlikely event that a harmful water temperature of 113°F (45°C) is reached

Functions lock system: The Parker is available with a functions lock which, if pressed, prevents activation/deactivation of the following functions: auto-fill, shower, air spa, raise/lower bath, tilt bath and disinfection. This permits the caregiver to avoid unintentional changes. The function lock LED flashes yellow when active

ArjoHuntleigh Parker height-adjustable reclining bath tub
Bath length in upright position73"
Bath length in reclined position77 1/8”
Bath width29 1/2”
Height of door with bath in highest position, feet in lowest position98 7/8”
Height of door with bath in highest position, feet in lowest position98 7/8”
Max resident/client weight463 lbs.
Max Load (resident/client + water)661 lbs.
Transfer height at lowest position22 1/4”
Transfer height at highest position27"
Max duty cycle lift/Hi-Lo1min ON, 9 min OFF
Max duty cycle air apa15min ON, 15 min OFF
Operating forces of controls (control panel)4 N
Operating forces of controls (handheld control unit)3 N
Operating forces of controls (S&V handheld control unit)3 N
Medical equipment typeB
Water supply
Water consumption (pre-filled footwell volume)25.4 gal (96 L)
Filling time at 3 Bar (43.5 psi) dynamic pressure (pre-fill)100 sec
Water content up to overflow level60.8 gal (230 L)
Water content up to autofill level25.4 gal (96 L)
Emptying time from autofill level(96 L) 3 min
Thermometer display range50°-158°F (10°-70°C)
Accuracy of thermometer display2°F (+/-1°C)
Sound levels
Sound level at raising/loweringHi/Lo, no load 61 dBA
Sound level of air spa83 dBA
Sound level tiltno load 60 dBA
Raising time with full load (approx.)16 +/-5 sec
Lowering time with full load (approx.)12 +/-5 sec
Battery type lead24 V
Battery type number59776
IP classification
IP classIP X4
IP class handheld control and Sound & Visionhandheld control IP X7
The Parker, depending on selected options (excluding packaging)273 - 289 lbs.
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