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ArjoHuntleigh Slings

ArjoHuntleigh Slings
Arjohuntleigh offers a wide range of slings with either clip or loop attachment. Slings are available in all sizes from pediatric, adults and bariatric patients. Sling are available according to shape, material, colour and attachment design and for specific patient lifts.

Arjohuntleigh Slings for Stand Up Lifts

Arjohuntleigh Slings for Stand Up Lifts are designed to offer support for standing safely and to endorse active involvement by the patient in standing movement.

  • Comfortable and secure for both the patient and caregiver.
  • Provide great support to patients during standing, stepping and walking practice.
  • Allow patients to be raised up from a bed, chair, toilet or wheelchair for transfer or transportation.

Arjohuntleigh Clip Slings for Patient Lifts

Arjohuntleigh Clip Slings for Patient Lifts are used in combination with the 4-point Dynamic Positioning System spreader bars which offer an added comfortable reclined position in the sling and a more even distribution of the patient’s weight.

  • Soft and durable polyester fabric for maximum patient comfort and ease of use.
  • Great for transferring the patient from the bed to a wheelchair, toilet or shower-chair or from the floor to a bed.

Arjohuntleigh Loop Slings for Patient Lifts

Arjohuntleigh Loop Slings for Patient Lifts are designed to reduce the risk of injury to caregivers by assisting with positioning and adjustments in bed.

  • Enable quick, smooth and secure lifting.
  • Used on 2-point or 4-point loop spreader bars.
  • Provide good comfort & care for everyday patient management routines, such as bed and chair related transfers.

ArjoHuntleigh Patient Transfer Aids

ArjoHuntleigh Patient Transfer Aids are designed to meet the needs and challenges of healthcare facility and hospital areas with high patient turnover and high demands on infection control.

  • Efficient & hygienic solution.
  • Excellent support for a wide variety of transfers.
  • Easy to put in place and remove from underneath the user.
  • Convenient and efficient solution for busy care environments.