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Armedica Tables

Armedica Tables

Armedica is the manufacturer of treatment tables for physical therapy and sports medicine. The tables are durable and dependable for the healthcare professional. Armedica tables offer strength, innovation, affordability and full height adjustments.

Hi Lo treatment tables

Armedica Hi Lo treatment table has AM-series, AM-BA series, AM-SP series and AM-SX series treatment tables respectively.

  • Full height adjustable with hi-lo feature.
  • Comfort and easy access getting on and off the table.
  • Allow easy access from anywhere around the table without disrupting the treatment.

Mat platform tables

Armedica mat platform tables combines wood and steel mat tables having natural wood finish and welded steel frames respectively.

  • Can be used in clinic and home.
  • Steel tables has high lifting capacity.
  • Wood tables are available as free standing tables or as wall mounted tables.

Traction tables

Armedica traction tables has friction free lumbar section which seperates 5" and rolls on 4 steel ball roller bearings.

  • Fully height adjustable.
  • Strong, stylish and affordable.
  • Radiused, seamless corners on upholstered components.

Wood treatment tables

Armedica wood treatment tables has fixed height with natural wood finish adds to the attractiveness of these full size treatment tables.

  • Upto 500 lb. weight capacity.
  • Heavy-duty vinyl with bacterial protection.
  • Maple hardwood legs for stability and strength.

Bariatric treatment tables

Armedica bariatric treatment tables can be used to transfer and access heavy weight patients. These are capable of handling patients up to 500 lbs.

  • Firm density foam tops.
  • Top sections have welded steel support frames.
  • Radiused, seamless corners on upholstered components.

Mobilization tables

Armedica mobilization tables are made of heavy-duty steel with Hi Lo control allows adjustment of the table height while keeping both hands on the patient and both feet on the floor.

  • Top sections have welded steel support frames.
  • Radiused, seamless corners on upholstered components.
  • Pivoting joints house hardened steel shoulder bolts to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Changing tables

Armedica changing tables has one section top piece and side rails for easy accessibility of client transfers.

  • Footswitch control.
  • Vinyl with antimicrobial / antibacterial protection
  • Moves smoothly up and down with no horizontal travel.