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Beds & Therapeutic Mattresses

Homecare beds are specifically designed, as a cost effective solution, for patient’s home care. A homecare bed allows for positioning and safety, impossible with standard beds. We offer manually, semi-electrically or electrically operated beds. Electric beds are easily adjustable, preferable for immobile patients. Semi-electric beds have motorized control of head and foot placement but bed height control is still manual. The wide range of features and options among our brands of homecare beds provides the flexibility to suit individual needs.

HomeCare Adjustable Beds

HomeCare Adjustable Beds are power operated with independent head and foot adjustments which helps caregivers to easily manage patient safety, comfort and positioning.

  • Comfortable, easy-to-operate and also help enhance the independence of the user.
  • Offer a combination of function, aesthetics, durability, and value to enhance the well-being of both the resident and caregiver.
  • Prevent skin breakdown which helps protect the patient’s skin during repositioning by keeping the hips in place.

Therapeutic Mattresses & Overlays

Therapeutic Mattresses & Overlays are specifically designed to prevent patient’s skin breakdown. Overlays are placed over a standard mattress; they utilize low air loss, powered flotation without air loss or alternating pressure.

  • Distribute pressure evenly and reduce friction to prevent skin breakdown and pressure sores/ulcers.
  • Prevent skin maceration by releasing less air and have shear management and pressure redistribution.
  • Provide caregivers an unmatched combination of microclimate management, pressure redistribution, ease of use and user/caregiver safety.

HomeCare Bed Accessories

HomeCare Bed Accessories support users to change position while in bed and also help transferring themselves from bed to chair. These accessories are lightweight and easy to assemble.

  • User independence.
  • Durable and reduce risk of tipping.
  • Made up of strong material for superior performance.