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Biomedical Life Systems Impulse 3000T TENS Unit with Timer - Each

$45.58 $52.42

Biomedical Life Systems Impulse has the same parameters as its predecessor; adjustable pulse rate and pulse width, and has three modes of operation; constant, width modulation, and burst. This TENS unit with timer is perfect for those seeking timed sessions. The new design of the device incorporates a sliding amplitude control cover for safety, and a permanently attached 9 volt battery cover to prevent loss. The 9 volt battery compartment has been redesigned for simple insertion and removal of the battery. To provide comfort while wearing, the belt clip has been positioned horizontally. The device was designed to be easy to use and economically priced for the patient. Device comes with lead wires, electrodes (4), batteries, instruction booklet and carrying case.


  • Tolerances: +/- 10%.
  • 2 to 150 Hz Frequency.
  • Continuous stimulation.
  • Constant Current output.
  • 4 Electrodes/Leadwires.
  • Included 15 ; 30 ; 60 minutes timer.
  • 8 Pulses per burst/2 bursts per second.
  • 9V Battery, E-block, type 6F22 power source.
  • 50 to 250 Microseconds (?s) adjustable Impulse width.
  • Decrease/increase of set width of 50% over a five-second period modulation.
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