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BodyPoint Designs

BodyPoint Designs

BodyPoint Designs have always come up with their innovative and highest quality designs in postural support belts and wheelchair seating accessories. Find various positioning accessories from BodyPoint like calf straps, ankle huggers, hip belts, trunk supports, leg harness, chest harness and much more online here at Medicaleshop.

Hip Belts

BodyPoint Hip Belts stop the user from descending down in the chair and help them maintain a correct posture, which aid respiration and allow the user to eat and drink with greater ease.

  • May also be used to counter pelvic rotation and obliquities.
  • Safety, stability and promote improved tolerance and compliance.
  • Prevent the user from dropping out of the chair during transport or when rolling over uneven surfaces.
  • Assist the wheelchair user to maintain pelvic stability while allowing functional pelvic movements in a natural anterior and posterior range of motion.

Upper Body Positioning

BodyPoint Upper Body Positioning provides good head positioning, respiration, stability and function, and optimum balance between control and liberty of movement.

  • For unmatched ease and flexibility.
  • Provide the ultimate level of comfort and support combined with ease of use.

Calf Straps & Ankle Huggers

BodyPoint Calf Straps & Ankle Huggers help balance the lower body response to upper body movements. They provide a more stable, comfortable and dynamic alternative to rigid shoe holders or foot straps.

  • Offer comfort while maintaining shape to virtually eliminate folding and buckling.
  • Ankle Huggers- reduce joint stress by holding above the ankle and greatly improve comfort and tolerance for positioning.
  • Calf strap- designed with breathable Aeromesh fabric which provides air circulation and comfort while maintaining its shape to virtually eliminate folding and buckling.

Joystick Options

BodyPoint Joystick Options ensure maximum control of a powered wheelchair joystick plays a vital role. They provide maximum driving control while remaining comfortable.

  • Especially useful for anyone with very limited hand function.
  • Act as shock absorbers to deflect joystick impacts which can cause damage to sensitive switches.

Padded Leg Harnesses

BodyPoint Padded Leg Harnesses hold each leg at the inside thigh during wheelchair positioning, providing unique resistance to pelvic rotation and obliquity, without limiting anterior movement or pressing on the bladder.

  • Also permits anterior or posterior range of movement of the pelvis: often a desirable activity.
  • Designed with Aeromesh fabric which allows both water and air to pass through freely, allowing a complete wash for the user and quick drying time for the belt.