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BodyPoint Upper Body Positioning

BodyPoint Upper Body Positioning
Trunk support harness are designed for great comfort, flexibility and upper body positioning. Trunk support is needed when individuals are unable to sit upright by themselves. Trunk supports are designed to assist in positioning the body of wheelchair users.

BodyPoint Anterior Trunk Supports

BodyPoint Anterior Trunk Supports are an innovative, dynamic upper body support designed for unparalleled comfort and flexibility. They align the trunk over the pelvis and help maintains a good visual field.

  • Provide pressure to the sternum, reducing the lordosis and pelvic anterior tilt.
  • Offer complete chest support and the right amount of shoulder movement for a perfect fit.
  • Improve respiratory capacity and overall pressure distribution as well as increases safe swallow and head control.

BodyPoint Shoulder Harnesses

BodyPoint Shoulder Harnesses provide needed support to the shoulders and comfortable padding across the sternum to assist users to sit upright for easier breathing, better head control and overall stability.

  • Align the trunk over the pelvis and improves respiratory capacity.
  • These harnesses are ideal for moderate to severe shoulder positioning needs.
  • Designed to accommodate serious positioning needs, like serious kyphosis or trunk rotation.

BodyPoint Chest Belts & Chest Straps

BodyPoint Chest Belts & Chest Straps are adaptable, easily removable anterior trunk support, abdominal support or positioning tool for therapists, users and caregivers.

  • Chest Belts are designed for a secure fit and can also be used for lower extremity positioning.
  • Chest Straps are an extremely versatile support which can be used at the chest, abdomen, thighs or calf for additional anterior and lateral support.