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Comfort Company

Comfort Company manufactures complete positioning and seating systems in the rehabilitation industry with unmatched quality and comfort of cushions enable a wheelchair bound to spend the whole day comfortably. Shop for Comfort Company products at special rates at Medicaleshop.

Vicair Cushions

Comfort Company Vicair Cushions are filled with triangular, air-filled SmartCells. The low friction surface of the cells allows them to move easily against each other and to conform precisely to the body’s contours.

  • Stable, maintenance free and fully adjustable.
  • Lightweight, easy to clean cushions and are stable and reliable.
  • Air cells can be added/removed from each chamber as needed to fit the needs of each user.

Foam Cushions

Comfort Company Foam Cushions contours to the user’s body, promoting maximum skin protection. They provide increased comfort and decrease the probability of pressure sores.

  • Offer coccyx relief area which unloads bony prominence by maximizing surface area.
  • Provide positioning support while allowing greater freedom of movement for standard positioning issues.

Gel Cushions

Comfort Company Gel Cushions maintain skin integrity and seated temperature to provide maximum comfort. They protect ischial and coccyx area which reduces shear forces, skin breakdown and heat buildup.

  • Regulate body temperature and redistributes pressure for comfort.
  • Deliver improved luxury and decrease the probability of pressure sores.

Back Supports

Comfort Company Back Supports offer increased support and comfort to accommodate lumbar, scoliosis, and kyphosis needs while the moldable stays are offset from the center, removing pressure points from the spine.

  • Comfort, posture support and adjustability.
  • Lightweight & versatile back supports.
  • Provide solid back support, exceptional lateral support, pelvic and scapular relief.


Comfort Company Accessories are the add-ons which help the wheelchair users to maintain their stability and provide comfort and support.