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Convaid Strollers

Convaid Strollers
Convaid manufactures compact-folding lightweight wheelchairs, fully customizable according to one’s needs. Convaid has assembled equipment for both children and adults including wheelchairs, pediatric car seats, transit strollers, standard strollers and many more. Find out Convaid products at special price only at Medicaleshop!

Convaid Upright Strollers

Convaid Upright Strollers promote upright sitting posture for children with good trunk strength and upper body stability. They provide maximum comfort and convenience to the user.

  • Lightweight and easy to fold for the ease of transport.
  • Perfect for outings to school, day programs, or doctor visits.
  • Fit easily into the trunk of the car, or in a plane, train, or bus.

Convaid Fixed-Tilt Strollers

Convaid Fixed-Tilt Strollers are designed with a 30° fixed tilt which is an optimal choice for someone who needs increased upper body positioning. These strollers offer maximum comfort and stability to the user.

  • Compact & folds for easy storage and lightweight for transportation.
  • Customizable with options and accessories to accommodate each individual’s special needs.
  • Enhanced positioning and upper body control for individual with limited upper body strength and trunk stability.

Convaid Adjustable Tilt-In-Space Strollers

Convaid Adjustable Tilt-In-Space Strollers are lightweight, portable and easy-to-use. These compact folding strollers provide pressure relief and upper body support for children with insufficient trunk stability.

  • Made for all-day comfort and support.
  • Perfect for individuals who require tilt adjustment for pressure relief, digestion and respiratory assistance.

Convaid Restraint Systems

Convaid Restraint Systems conforms to the natural contour of the body to provide maximum comfort and positioning for the special needs. These systems are designed to grow with the child.

  • Ideal for children, teens and small adults with special needs.
  • Provide optimal positioning and safety for children with insufficient head, trunk and pelvic stability.