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Danmar Products

Danmar Products

Danmar Products offers therapeutic, recreational, athletic and everyday products to enhance function and comfort in day to day life. Wide range of Danmar Products available at special price only at Medicaleshop!

Danmar Helmets

Danmar helmets are made of shock-absorbent foam which is fully ventilated. Helmets allow for maximum ventilation and retain limited body heat. Headgear can substantially reduce the risk of head injury.

Danmar Head Supports

Danmar head supports helps maintain mid-line head position for improved breathing, swallowing, and simplified feeding. With therapeutic benefits and recreational settings, they enhance functions as well as comfort.

Danmar Positioning Equipments

Danmar positioning equipments offers positioning for individuals that benefit from having their upper body stabilized and hips held at a proper angle. They can be used with most standard, high back, or custom wheelchairs and strollers.

Danmar Swim Aids

Danmar swim system aid in progressive swimming development, and is perfect for ambulatory individuals with postural balance and arm control. They allow water to flow around the body rather than holding a person on top of the water.

Danmar Products Accessories

Danmar accessories for all danmar products like helmets, head supports, swim aids and many more therapeutic devices for special needs requires additional specifications such as length & size which is not included in the product options are available separately.