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Drive Medical

Drive Medical
Drive Medical emphasizes in improving the quality of life and promoting independence in children and individuals with special therapy needs. We carry drive medical products like manual wheelchairs, canes & crutches, walkers, patient lifts and bath safety products.

Pediatric Rehab

Drive Medical pediatric rehab products for special needs children for assisted walking and improved mobility, posture control aid to help procuring upright posture, activity chair for kid’s activity time, and bath safety products.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs require human power to move them. Manual or self-propelled wheelchairs are propelled by the occupant, usually by turning the large rear wheels. Many Manual wheelchairs can be folded for storage or transportation also known as transport wheelchairs. Find Travelite, super light, poly-fly, fly-tile, fly-weight, go-kart, expedition manual wheelchairs by Drive Medical.

Patient Lifts

Drive Medical patient lifts provide asecure transfer from bed to chair or other similar resting places for the ones with limited mobility. Drive Medical Lifts offers high performance and are reliable and safe.


Drive Medical walkers assist individuals with their mobility issues making easy for them to move through narrow spaces, comfortable and easy to operate.


Drive Medical Rollator are made with light weight aluminum frame and has attractive european style design and are for indoor or outdoor use. They have secure brakes, easy to fold for storage, durable and comfortable seat.

Bath Safety

Drive Medical bath safety equipment for special needs clients for safety and comfort to assemble in bathroom. These bathing aids are light weight, portable and supportive usefu for day to day functions.


Drive Medical has both homecare beds and hospital beds which are fully adjustable as per requirements. Drive Medical beds ensure full comfort, utmost quality and user's safety.

Patient Room

Drive Medical patient room has all assistive equipment required post-surgery and wide range of Overbed tables and frames available with “H” or “U” base.

Canes and Crutches

Drive Medical Canes and Crutches provide support to individuals with mobility issues. These cane and crutches are highly supportive, stylish and comes with a wide range of options which fits as per one’s needs.

Personal Care

Drive Medical Personal Care includes products like- transfer board, urinals, peddlers, all-purpose stools, bath mats. These products are used by individuals in their day-to-day living routine and ensure greater comfort to the user.

Lifestyle Essentials

Lifestyle essentials from Drive Medical has products that ease daily activities like bathing, eating, mobility needs, seating and positioning needs and other items required for making life easier and luxurious.