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Extreme X8 All Terrain Power Wheelchair


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Magic Mobility Extreme X8 4X4 All-Terrain Power Wheelchair

Power Wheelchair Buyer's Guide.

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 gives the freedom experience so that users always knew about what they had. Extreme X8 with its unrivalled off-road performance and reliability is perfect for outdoor adventurers, explorers and rural workers.

  • Drive mode: 4 x 4
  • Motors: 4 x 700W Gear in Line
  • Environment: Challenging outdoor exploration and rural work

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 includes:

  • Charger
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • X8 Wheelchair Base
  • Standard Positioning Belt
  • Shroud Set up for Rehab Seat or MPS Seat Back with Solid seat pan

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 4x4 Electric Wheelchair Features

Four (4) Independent, High Speed, High Torque and High Efficiency Motors:

  • Enable user to confidently ascend a wide variety of challenging terrain
  • Top speed of 10 km/h (6.2 mph), the motors provide more than just speed
  • Highly efficient motors helps to maximise battery life by providing the confidence to really get adventurous

Articulating Front Frame with Low Pressure Knobby Tyres:

  • Experience the smoothest ride
  • Gives an ultra smooth and jolt-free ride
  • Traverse the bumps and changes in terrain with confidence
  • Exceptional suspension keeps all four driving wheels on the ground

Unbeatable Kerb & Step Climbing Ability

  • Articulating front suspension
  • Off-road low pressure knobby tyres
  • Eats kerbs and small steps for breakfast driven by four independent motors

Splash Resistant (Not Waterproof)

  • Please remember, Extreme X8 wheelchair has electric motors and must NEVER be driven through water, into rivers, creeks and the sea. Magic Mobility wheelchairs meet Australian Standards 3696 and ISO7176.


Select a Colour:

Select Wheels:

Select Tyre & Rim Colours:

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 4X4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair
Length of base40.55"*
Width of base27.95"*
Floor to top of seat pan height18.50" (19.29" with swing away leg rests)
Weight limit400 lbs. & 340 lbs. with lift and/or tilt
Top speed10kph (6.2mph)
Motors68Nm Torque, 700W, Gear In Line
Motor IP rating 54 (splash resistant but not waterproof)The wheelchair has elecric motors and must NEVER be driven through water, into rivers, creeks and the sea.
WheelsOff-road 14" (145/70-6) black (note silver rims not available in the USA)
ControllerPenny & Giles controller with LCD display (R-Net) or LED option
Legrest optionsCentre post, manual elevating, power/manual elevating swing away, centre mount power elevating
Backrest and seatAdjustable seat pan (12" deep to 24" wide) to fit MPS / Rehab or aftermarket seating options
ColoursAdditional costs will apply for hydrographic wraps (forest camo and flames) and custom colours
Tie down pointsCrash test compliant
*Legrest choice and seating size may increase chair length/width
  • This wheelchair is provided with a 3 years limited warranty on frame.
  • This wheelchair is provided with a 12 month limited warranty on the parts and workmanship contained within.
  • The warranty does not cover freight to or from the manufacturer, that is, the chair must be returned to the factory or Dealer, freight pre-paid, for all warranty repairs.
  • The warranty on this power chair does not cover breakages /damage to either the motors, gearboxes, or axle shafts caused by misuse of the wheelchair.
  • Warranty does not cover faults, failures or excessive wear caused by lack of appropriate maintenance and regular servicing by authorized repairers.
  • Manufacturer will, at our discretion, repair / replace items that we consider were faulty at time of manufacture.
  • The availability of replacement units is subject to the discretion of the provider, not the manufacturer.
  • The product warranty is applicable as per the terms and conditions given by the product manufacturer.

Please call for specific details.

  • All items must be inspected upon receiving.
  • If damage is observed at the time of delivery contact manufacturer immediately, all damage must be documented upon delivery receipt.
  • In the case of concealed damage, photos of product and original packaging must be supplied to manufacturer for the purpose of filing a freight claim with the carrier.
  • If you wish to return an item, it must be returned in the original packaging with a valid RGA.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to make pre-paid return arrangements to manufacturer.
  • If a product is returned in packaging other than its original packaging an automatic 10% restock fee will be applied.
  • All returned products must be in new and unused condition to avoid additional restock fees. Restock fees will not be determined until the unit has been returned and inspected by manufacturer.
  • In the event you receive product other than what was ordered, manufacturer must be notified within 15 days, failure to notify could result in restock fees.
  • Replacement parts/product will not be shipped until photo documentation, to verify that the incorrect parts were received is obtained, or the original unit is returned in new and unused condition.
  • If your return is not due to any manufacturing defect then the original shipping cost and credit card/paypal processing fee will be deducted from the total refund
  • Custom orders are non-refundable and non-returnable.
  • The product return policy is applicable as per the terms and conditions given by the product manufacturer.

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Why Magic Mobility Extreme X8 4X4?

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 can easily enables users to have a further level of mobility and can open up more lifestyle choices, be that bush walking, refereeing the local football team, checking your paddocks or vineyard, taking the dog on the beach, getting through the snow, to the shops or getting through the mud at a festival.

Where did the concept for the Extreme X8 come from?

    There was a lack of products available to allow people to go anywhere on challenging terrains and many clients had previously had active lifestyles and did not see a reason to change.

What is the expected life of the Extreme X8?

    Funding bodies state that the life for a funded chair in Australia is 7 years. Chairs that are well over 10 years old and still going strong. It very much depends upon the individual and the terrains that they are using the chair.

How much does the Extreme X8 weigh?

    The weight of an Extreme X8 varies greatly depending on the options fitted. On average an Extreme X8 with 73Ahr batteries weighs about 150kg i.e. 330lbs.

What is the turning circle of the Extreme X8?

    On a slippery surface, it will skid around on the spot. If the chair is being driven, it will do a U turn in 2 metres(6ft 6”) of width.

Are there similar wheelchairs available to the Extreme X8 overseas?

    There are two other chairs similar to the X8 and both are expensive and less customizable. They were introduced after the Extreme X8.

What type of disability can use this wheelchair?

    All disabilities.

Where can’t the Extreme X8 go?

    It won’t sail or swim or defy the laws of physics.

Can it go in water?

    Your wheelchair should not be driven through puddles and across streams/rivers. It is an electric powered device, with motors low to the ground.

Can I get financial support from the government towards the cost of the Extreme X8?

    Yes, but it is difficult to obtain. It is best to speak to our customer executive for more information at 866-563-6812.

Does the Extreme X8 come in a range of colors?

    There are a wide range of colors available which can be viewed on our website.

Is it possible to have an overall width at less than 27.5"?


What is the power of the Extreme X8 motors?

    The X8 motor is rated at 700W per motor.

Can I put X8 motors on my Extreme X4?

    No, they are completely different. It would be more economical to buy a new wheelchair.

Does the Extreme X8 require increased maintenance over other wheelchair chairs?

    No, if you get your wheelchair dirty, you may find you need to clean it more often. Almost 100% of the parts have a rust preventative coating. However, people who use their X8 regularly on the beach, should spray moving parts with oil for corrosion protection. This can be done with an aerosol can (WD40/CRC) or at a local garage.

Can I go up a staircase with an Extreme X8?

    The Extreme X8 is not designed to climb a staircase such as those found in a house. There are wheelchairs on the market that will do that. The X8 will climb kerbs and gutters with ease of up to 5 or 6 inches depending on the skill and confidence of the user.

Can I drive a car from my Extreme X8? Does the retractable docking pin fit to the X8?

    We’re not aware of anyone who self-drives their car from their X8. Our retractable docking pin isn’t suitable for the Extreme X8. Whilst there may be alternative docking stations available in the market, the main issue to consider with the X8 is the ground clearance to the battery box. If a fixed pin is welded to the battery box it needs to be very long, but it would massively reduce ground clearance on the chair. If a custom-made retractable docking pin is made, it would need about an 3.14" throw. Given it’s a longer cantilever however, the pin may bend. Alternatively, if you can strap your chair into the vehicle while sitting in it, you may be able to drive.

Can you tell me if the X8 has been standard tested?

    Yes, it is fully Australian Standards tested.