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Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies since 1985, is a leading American manufacturer of lift chairs, power wheelchairs and scooters. Golden’s lift chair, power wheelchair and scooters offer a sense of independence, mobility, freedom and accomplishment to everyday activities. Medicaleshop offers a range of Golden Lift chairs, power wheelchairs and scooters at affordable rates.

Golden Tech Lift Chairs

Golden Technologies provides the smoothest, quietest and securest lifting system. A 3 position lift chair has a sitting position, a lifted position , a reading position and a recline position. It is not a full recline lift chair. We stock top models like Cambridge, Winston, Regal, Royal, Space Saver, Relaxer, Comfroter, Windsor, Monarch, Capri, Williamsburg, Cloud lift chair recliners.

Golden Tech Power Chairs

Golden Tech power wheelchairs are the utmost in quality, comfort and style. Find center wheel drive and compact power wheelchairs. Golden compass series power wheelchairs offers superior stability, maneuverability, functionality and dependability and are with true center wheel drive mechanism. Find Alante, Compass Sport, Lite Rider, Alante Sport Power Wheelchairs by Golden Technologies.

Golden Tech Scooters

Golden tech offers compact travel scooters are compact and portable with tight indoor maneuverability and smooth outdoor performance. Golden LiteRider series are full sized scooters yet portable with all the benefits of a compact, portable scooter. Companion series scooters offers first class travel with comfort equipped seat to reduce shear and improve comfort.