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Handicare/RoMedic Manual Transfer Aids

Handicare/RoMedic manual transfer aids provide solution for transfer or reposition the client without any difficulty. The combination of assistive devices creates optimal solution for users with different needs categorizing as sliding boards, sliding sheets, turning plates etc. Browse manual transfer aids category for more information about the products we carry on medicaleshop.

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  • RoMedic™ EasyBelt support belt

    RoMedic™ EasyBelt support belt features strong vertical and horizontal handles to provide the best possible grip in different situations. EasyBelt is made up of moisture resistant and soiling resistant red nylon fabric.

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    Regular Price: $96.66

    Special Price $75.00

  • RoMedic™ FlexiBelt support belt

    RoMedic™ FlexiBelt support belt is used for assisting the user getting up or sitting down or moving from wheelchairs to beds, toilets or cars. RoMedic FlexiBelt allows the caregiver to provide support quickly and easily.

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    Regular Price: $105.13

    Special Price $82.00

  • RoMedic WalkingBelt

    RoMedic WalkingBelt is the only assistive device allowing the child to use hands freely to explore the world.

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    Regular Price: $256.06

    Special Price $202.00

  • RoMedic DisposableBelt (pack of 5)

    RoMedic DisposableBelt is intended for short-term use, as extra support during sit-to-stand and sitting transfers from the wheelchair to the bed, toilet or car.

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    Regular Price: $180.34

    Special Price $141.00

  • RoMedic FlexiGrip

    RoMedic FlexiGrip is a convenient solution for users who have physical difficulties getting out of bed.

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    Regular Price: $90.11

    Special Price $78.67

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