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Handicare System RoMedic assistive devices are designed for manual transfers and re-positioning of users as well as for mobility support sit-to-stand and gait training. Romedic offers most comprehensive range of clever, easy-to-use and safe transfer and lifting aids designed to make life easier, both for the user and for the caregiver.

Manual Transfer Aids

Handicare/RoMedic Manual Transfer Aids helps users to reposition and transfer from one place to another without any difficulties. These manual transfer aids are the combination of assistive devices creates optimal solution for users with different needs.

Sit-to-stand Aids

Handicare/RoMedic sit-to-stand aids help the users in raising or standing up from bed or wheelchair. A safe and active sit-to-stand transfer can be performed easily.

Walking Aids

Handicare/RoMedic walking aids are designed for support when mobilizing users. It provides safe and secure walking and standing training.

Mobile Lifts

Handicare/RoMedic mobile lifts are flexible and versatile. These patient lifts offer great solution for temporary lifting needs. They are portable and can be moved from one room to another room.

Lifting Slings

Handicare/RoMedic lifting slings are available in different material and sizes for all types of lifting and for users with different needs. Several type of slings which accommodates most user needs.