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Headrests/Neck Supports

Headrests/Neck Supports are designed to provide support and positioning of the head and neck of the user. They are used to aid a wheelchair user with any neck strain or stress they have when using their chair. These supports are designed for patients who have little control over head movement.

Jay Whitmyer Headrests

Jay Whitmyer Headrests are adjustable, modular head support systems with a large variety of possible configurations to suit people who require a high degree of support.

  • Provide a complete range of head positioning solutions.
  • Easily adjustable and accommodate changes or inconsistencies in body positioning.
  • Offer wide variety of solutions for support and/or control of the cervical spine and head, from the most basic of needs to the most complex.

Stealth Head & Neck Support Systems

Stealth Head & Neck Support Systems provides a maximal, proximal foundational connection between the head and neck.

  • Shape of these i2i joins the head and neck and forms a support similar to that of an exoskeleton.
  • Adjustable arms allow unique positioning and flexion with a locking mechanism to keep them in place.

Danmar Head & Neck Supports

Danmar Head & Neck Supports offer the highest level of protection to special needs individuals.

  • Can be used with any seating system and by individuals who are ambulatory.
  • Head supports are designed for patients needing head coverage after surgery.
  • Neck supports promote easy head movement from side to side and features soft foam which wraps around the neck.

Metalcraft Head & Neck Support

Metalcraft head and neck supports controls of cervical spine and head of even most complex users.

  • Ergonomic design and comfortable.
  • Multiple adjustable options
  • Various options available for perfect head support.

Specialty Headrests/Neck Supports

Specialty Headrests/Neck Supports are easy to fit and easy to put on and remove.

  • Provide a wide range of benefits secondary to the good, natural, and healthy support.
  • These head support systems help users to have a focused and balanced posture and eases mobility and rotation of the head to obtain a vertical and physiological positioning of the head.