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Hoyer Lifts

Hoyer Lifts

Hoyer Lifts or Hydraulic patient lifts are ideally designed to transfer patient from bed to chair or other similar resting places. They focus on preventing pressure ulcers, eliminate falls and reduce injuries from manual lifting. Medicaleshop carries a wide range of Hoyer Lifts including Hoyer Power Patient Lifts, Manual Patient Lifts, Stand-Up Lifts, Ceiling Lift and Slings at lowest rates.

Hoyer Power Patient Lifts

Hoyer power patient lifts are designed for home care and facility use. Powered patient lifts are perfect for patient transfer from bed to chair, chair to bath or commode chair and it also save the caregiver's back. Powered patient lifts for smooth and quiet patient transfer. Electric patient lifts comes with rechargeable power batteries.

Hoyer Manual Patient Lifts

Manual patient lifts are also know as Hydraulic patient lifts. These hydraulic patients lifts are easy to use and are safe way to transfer patients from bed to chair, chair to bed, toileting, bathing and showering. Browse for Hoyer manual patient lifts like Professional Hydraulic Lift, Classic Hydraulic lift, Classic Manual Lift, Classic Chrome Hydraulic Lift.

Hoyer Stand Up Lifts

Stand up patient lifts for secure patient transfers plus supported walking. These stand up lifts provides safe transfers between beds, wheelchair or commode. Stand-up patient lifts are designed to make handling situations safer and affordable for everyone. These are stand assist lifts for patients who can bear weight.

Hoyer Slings

Patient lifting slings are used with patient lifts for transfers and provides secure support to the patient during transfers. Lifting slings comes in a variety of styles and fabrics to meet specific patient needs. Find 2 point slings, 4 point slings, professional slings by Hoyer.