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Immedia MultiGlide, tubular, open, 39.4" W x 55.1" L

SKU: EIM100-140
$32.40 $36.00

Immedia MultiGlide, tubular, open, 39.4" W x 55.1" L - Immedia MultiGlide is a thin tubular slide sheet with ultra-low friction on the inside and high friction on the outside. The outside surface provides a waterproof barrier. MultiGlide is suitable when there is a need to minimize friction under the pressure points, for instance when transferring and turning in bed, between bed and wheelchair, on the operating table or x-ray table. MultiGlide slide sheet is to be applied when necessary and removed after use. Immedia MultiGlide is available in several sizes. MultiGlide tubular slide sheet has a loop strap for easy storage and color codes for differentiation. Maximum user weight: 660 lbs. & Material: Nylon with polyurethane coating.

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