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Incontinent Care

Incontinence Care

Incontinence can affect children, women and men at any age, and may involve loss of control with the bowel or bladder, or both. Medicaleshop offers a wide selection of Incontinence Supplies that are formulated with absorbent fabric in a multi-layered format and water-resistant backing to offer exceptional absorbance to guard against urinary incontinence.

Our Incontinence products are absorbent, discreet, and comfortable. From Pads and Liners, to Diapers, and Incontinence Care. Each of our products are available online for home delivery at the best prices.

Incontinence Care Buyer’s Guide.

Incontinent Care-

Briefs & Diapers

Briefs & Diapers are absorbent briefs which fit snugly using tape tabs for fastening. They are the most comprehensive, healthiest and environmentally friendly incontinence solution available today giving adults all the comfort and confidence needed when deciding upon daily activities.

  • Designed to provide maximum leakage protection and prevent skin dryness.
  • Their fast absorbent fabric protects from incontinence, skin dryness and provides better fit which make sure about dignity and comfort of the individual.
  • Ideal for the individuals suffering from various medical conditions such as urinary or fecal incontinence and are unable to control their bladders or bowels.

Bed pads & underpads

Bed pads & underpads are designed to draw moisture away from the body to prevent irritation. They use multiple layers to prevent wetness from spreading to chairs, beds etc.

  • They are used to place on the bed and over existing bed equipment.
  • These pads can be used with other incontinence products to provide excellent leakage protection for beds.
  • Theses pads have highly absorbent material and distribute fluids over a large area that makes always feel dry and comfortable to sit on.

Protective Underwear

Protective Underwear are designed for use by individuals with moderate urinary incontinence. They contain specially designed ventilated panels to ensure breathability while maintaining dry and healthy skin.

  • They are adjustable underwear ideal for on the go or in the bed use.
  • Offer the ultimate discrete protection from moderate to heavy incontinence.

Underwear & Pants

Underwear & Pants offer the maximum protection, absorbency and reliability in a discreet way. They prevent leakages ensures long term dryness, which means client can get on with their life with complete confidence.

  • They are designed for moderate to heavy incontinence.
  • They help improve efficiency by reducing odors and promoting skin health.
  • Features a form fitting shape and stretchable, breathable waist panels for containment and protection with a comfortable fit.

Liners & pads

Liners & pads offer a high level of dignity and comfort and are ideal for wearers which are on a toileting program. They feature an ultra-absorbent core system which pulls fluid away from skin.

  • They fit comfortably into the wearer's underwear.
  • Can also be worn with specially designed pants and panties.
  • Contoured body-shaped with a Targeted Acquisition Zone for leakage protection and skin dryness.

Incontinent Wipes

Incontinent Wipes are thick, super strong and super soft, cotton enhanced cloths. They ensure a single, unfolded wipe dispenses each and every time for added convenience and less waste.

  • Hypoallergenic and enhanced with lotion for skin wellness.
  • Help maintain their shape so the available cleaning area is maximized.
  • Easy to use while dispensing one wipe at a time, adding convenience and reducing waste.