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Invacare absolute cushion

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resna certified assistive technology practitioner (ATP);
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Invacare absolute cushion offers a simple and comfortable solution for individuals with mild support and positioning needs. Absolute cushion is designed to provide basic comfort using dual-firmness highly resilient foam and is intended for individuals who are able to perform their own weight shift for pressure relief.

Invacare absolute cushion features:

  • Non-slip bottom - Keeps cushion secure and in place.
  • Gentle contour - For comfort and centering in the seat.
  • Shaped cushion bottom - Allows use of cushion on taut sling upholstery.
  • Lightweight molded polyurethane foam - Provides comfort and durability.
  • Outer cover - Breathable water repellent cover to protect foam and keep the consumer dry and mesh fabric effectively dissipates heat and moisture.
Invacare absolute cushion
Overall width16", 18", 20"
Overall depth*16", 18"
Height at adductor3.25"
Height at abductor2.25"
Height at leg trough2"
Product weight2 lbs. and up
Weight capacity250 lbs.

Manufacturer warrants this product as under:

  • One year limited warranty
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  • Manufacturer does not warrant parts damaged by neglect, accident or misuse, nor parts altered or serviced by an agency not authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Parts under warranty will be covered at no cost.
  • Any labor cost for service under warranty is not covered as per our terms of sale.
  • Standard manufacturer terms & conditions apply for warranty of this product.
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