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Invacare manufactures adaptive equipment for special needs community helping to make their lives easier and better. Invacare offers a full range of rehab products including Wheelchairs, Beds, Walker, Scooters, Bathing equipment to name a few. Shop from full range of Invacare products at the online store of Medicaleshop.

Invacare Manual Wheelchairs

Invacare is the leading manufacturer of manual wheelchairs for the HME industry. These manual wheelchairs possess durability, interchangeability and value. Find various types of manual wheelchairs like folding wheelchair, pediatric wheelchair, heavy duty wheelchair, tilt-in-space wheelchair, rigid wheelchair, transport wheelchair, lightweight wheelchairs by Invacare.

Invacare Lift & Slings

Invacare patient lifts reduces the possibility of caregiver back injury and to ensure dignity in patient handling. These high quality patient lifts are comfortable, reliable and integral tools for staff and caregivers. These patient lifts makes potentially challenging transfers smooth for the resident and caregiver. Patient lifting slings are used with patient lifts for transferring resident from bed to chair, or chair to bed, standing assistance, quick toileting, weight bearing practice.

Invacare Beds

Invacare home care beds are durable, washable. These are designed to make the bed easier to deliver, set up, clean and maintain. Invacare full electric beds offers the greatest convenience for the patient and caregiver. The easy to use pendant control provides motorized positioning of the upper body and knees and also adjusts bed frame height for efficient use of accessories and for safe and easy transfer.

Invacare Geri Chairs

Invacare's line of recliners delivers outstanding value, durability and comfort in health care chairs and recliners. Invacare offers mobile positioning chairs, mobile recumbent chairs, mobile treatment chairs. These uni-recliners reduce pressure, preserve independence and improve the quality of life for the resident. When a resident requires greater positioning support then Invacare recliners provide the solution.