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Jay Whitmyer Head Supports

Jay Whitmyer Head Supports

Jay head supports helps in achieving the optimal seated position, providing postural stability and effective pressure redistribution. Whitmyer head supports for anterior, posterior, lateral, proximal support of the head and neck. Shop for best suited head support at reasonable rates!

Heads Up Head Support System

Whitmyer heads up head support helps maximizing users’ interaction with head and neck support. It has swing-out, adjustable arms which makes user easy to accommodate and transfer varying users’ presentations.

Plush Headrest Systems

Plush single pad headrest system provides high degree of comfort and safety. These basic wheelchairs headrest is ideal for tilt or recline and is easily adjustable to adapt with users’ needs as they change.

Specialty Plush Headrest Systems

Specialty plush single pad head support has Adjust-a-Plush for outstanding lateral support, Dual Mount for extra durability, and 12” narrow pads for low profile support.

S.O.F.T. Single Sub-Occipital Head Supports

S.O.F.T. single sub-occipital head support provides sub-occipital and proximal lateral cervical support through use of a curved sub-occipital pad and independently adjustable occipital pad.

S.O.F.T. Dual Sub-Occipital Head Supports

S.O.F.T. dual sub-occipital head support for aggressive posterior and proximal lateral support and solves the most challenging head positioning issues. The three pad headrest supplies maximum occipital and proximal lateral cervical support for most critical situations.

Contoured Cradle Head Supports

Contoured single pad head support has unique anatomical shape for user to provide lateral cervical support. This head support system supplies a high degree of comfort and positioning in a simple-to-adjust head support.

Cuddles Infant Head Supports

Cuddles infant head support systems offer superior head positioning and support especially for infants. These head support systems have the same technology as adult version wheelchair head support system has.

Jay Whitmyer Accessories

Jay Whitmyer Accessories are the add-ons for Jay Whitmyer head supports. They aid in providing comfort and support to the individuals.