Jonti-Craft KYDZ Safe

Jonti-Craft understands users safety which is important for both user and manufacturer. KYDZSafe features on products to provide you with top of the line safety ensure kids have safe learning environment.

KYDZSafe Rounded Edges – Every edges and corners are rounded to a minimum of a 1 inch radius, allowing children to play safely without getting hurt by sharp edges and corners.

KYDZSafe Kickplates – Kickplates adds safety levels to the products to prevent small toes and fingers from being pinched and prevent children from losing their favorite toys underneath the unit. Kickplates not only add strength and safety to a product, but they also add high quality aesthetics.

KYDZSafe 15 inches Depth - 15 inches depth adds increased stability to all Jonti-Craft products and provides 25% more storage space than the others 12 inches depth.