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Jonti-Craft KYDZ Strong

Jonti-Craft furniture is strong and durable as it name says KYDZStrong. Its products are made especially for rough classroom usage with structural integrity and stability. This means your products will last not only for the school year, but for a lifetime.

KYDZStrong Construction – Using dowel-pin construction which is stronger than the dado joints used by others and prevents weakening at the joints, where most of the stress occurs. Using this method also results in a more aesthetically pleasing product and extends the product’s lifetime by 50 percent.

KYDZStrong Recessed Backs – Jonti-Craft products are constructed with durable a recessed back, which not only gives the furniture the aesthetic appeal, but also gives it extra structural support. These backs even come in a variety of functional materials so you can make the most of your furniture.

Kindly contact our customer service for various back options.