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Walker Frame Styles

Kaye Walkers are available in six basic frame designs. Our walkers are designed to make walking more energy efficient by improving postural alignment while the client is in the walker. Improved alignment also helps to delay, prevent or moderate secondary musculoskeletal impairments throughout the lifespan.

Our most popular posture control style walker, the 'B' Frame, is available in five sizes. These walkers can accommodate many accessories, including the Leg Abductor, Add-A-Seat and Soft Sling Support. They are available with two or four wheels and with many wheel configurations. The walkers fold easily for transport.

The 'R' Frame walkers are similar in design to the 'B' frame walkers, but are wider to accommodate orthotics or children who have wide hips and need more space within the walker frame. The 'R' frames are available in three sizes and can accommodate many accessories. The 'R' walkers are designed for users with increased width; however, the weight capacity of the user is the same for the 'R' and 'B' frames.

The 'C' Frame walkers are designed for large teenagers or adults who may benefit from using a posture control walker. With a similar design as the 'B' frame, the 'C' frame is available in one size and can accommodate users up to 250 lbs. with a floor to mid-buttock measurement up to 41". These walkers also fold easily for transport.

'H' Frame walkers are designed around the same principles as the Posture Control Walkers; however, these walkers have a slightly different frame design and include fold-down seats. They are helpful to users who are just beginning to walk or have low endurance, needing frequent breaks.

Our 'My Red Walker' series offers a child-friendly design with function similar to the smallest three sizes of the 'B' Frame Walkers. The walkers fold for easy transportation and can accommodate many of the walker accessories.

'Y' Frame walkers provide anterior support for users who need more support in the upper body and shoulder to maintain alignment. The walkers include a chest support and are available with forearm supports or an anterior handle bar. The walkers fold easily for transport and are available in a broad size range.

B, R, C, RFPosture Control Walker
HPostureRest Walker
YAnterior Support Walker