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KayserBetten Beds

KayserBetten Beds

Kayserbetten beds known as world leader in designing and manufacturing of specialty beds and a range of advanced solid wood furniture with a wide variety of beds that meet every requirement for special needs kids and their caregivers. Shop for Kayserbetten beds at special rates!

KayserBetten Beds - Hannah Series

Hannah series beds by Kayserbetten has manual, semi-electric and fully-electric beds are best for children who ambulatory and also require boundaries and for kids who are mobile by crawling or pull to stand. Hannah series provide an environment that's safe - protecting them from harming themselves.

  • Stable for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory children.
  • Special door locking system and handheld electronic system.
  • No gap between mattress and sides of bed and mattress included.

KayserBetten Beds - Ida Series

Kayserbetten Ida series beds are for kids who are non-ambulatory and needs and secure place to sleep and play. Ida series are made especially for children who are receiving in-home nursing care. Ida series has both manual and electric beds with platform options to choose from.

  • Ergonomic design with secure lock doors.
  • Head & foot articulation for both manual & electric beds.
  • Safety rail height stays consistent when the bed is raised and lowered.
  • Ideal for wheelchair & Hoyer lifts transfers.